10-23-2016: Indigenous Water Protectors Reclaim Unceded Treaty Land, setting up “1851 Treaty Camp” in DAPL’s path, Drones shot at

Article and Videos #1:
Citing 1851 Treaty, Water Protectors establish Road Blockade & Expand Frontline #NoDAPL Camp
by Sacred Stone Camp

Description:  Article contains several videos & Reclaiming unceded treaty land between Hwy. 1806 and the Missouri river. 

    Purpose of today’s action: “This morning, at approximately 8am central, water protectors took back unceded territory affirmed in the 1851 Treaty of Ft. Laramie as sovereign land under the control of the Oceti Sakowin.”


    Indian Country Today article regarding the UN’s assessment of DAPL route being mapped out without adequate consultation.

by Indian Country Media Network

Video #1:
Needs Title
Indigenous Environmental Network (video length 1:35)

Description:  Harold Frazier says “Time to rise. Oceti Sakowin nations come and stand on the frontline and defend our rights. The line has been drawn!”



Video #2:

      This short video shows Native community surrounding the framework of a tipi, a sacred symbol which sets the foundation for this newly erected 1851 Treaty Camp. Predominantly indigenous Water Protectors hold signs of disapproval in regard to the Dakota Access Pipeline, and also signs of advocacy for the protection of their water, such as Defend the Sacred,” “Water is Life,” “Water is Sacred- No Pipelines, as well as others.  The lightheartedness of the gathering can be heard in the voice of the speaker, who is cracking jokes while a yellow helicopter encircles the peaceful gathering.  As the video comes to a close the speaker reassures the people that more relatives are on the way from the south to dance & pray with them, & that they will arrive within the day.

by John Wathen (video length 0:31)


Video #3:

by John Wathen (video length 1:07)



Video #4:

 by John Wathen (video length 2:04)



Video #5:

       Yellow Helicopter owned by DOUBLE M HELICOPTER INC flies very low over 1851 treaty camp.

by John Wathen  (video length 0:22)


Video #6:

  Morning update, historical day to remember.

by Digital Smoke Signals (video length 28:41)


Video #7:

    Update; helicopter flying over circle.

by Digital Smoke Signals (video length 0:56)


Video #8:

    Video of horse, and helicopter flying by low.

by Digital Smoke Signals (video length 0:08)


Video #9:

    Historical update – Tribe taking back their eminent domain; International Indigenous Youth Council update.

by Digital Smoke Signals (video length 13:31)


Video #10:

     Emergency Update, started about 1:30pm.

by Digital Smoke Signals (video length 38:06)


Video #11:

    Oceti Sakowin has claimed eminent domain over traditional lands, “broken treaty lands” from Energy Transfer company, “Dakota Access pipeline company”. Digital Smoke Signals media tent is erected to report news from front lines. The lands have now been blessed correctly by the original caretakers of the land. The sacred fire has been lit of the 7 councils!!!  It is an honor to witness…

by Digital Smoke Signals (video length 1:57)


Video #12:

   Update and recap of today’s milestone in tribal sovereignty – Indigenous Eminent Domain, Shots fired at drones.

by  Digital Smoke Signals (video length 8:04)


Video #13:

    While water protectors chant, sing and pray the police surround them but did not help when DAPL kidnapped a water protector… Waiting for the police to arrive. 

by Tyisha Mitchell  (video length 12:17)


Video #14:

      DAPL Private security.  Footage of harassment by what is believed to be DAPL security on 4 wheelers.

by Tyisha Mitchell (video length 1:43)


Video #15:

    Help Us President Obama!

by International Indigenous Youth Council (video length 4:24)


Video #16:

   Singing and a helicopter flew by very low.

by Janene Hampton (video length 2:25)


Video #17:

     Folks circling up, live.

by Janene Hampton (video length 0:32)


Video #18:

    Three videos of today’s Treaty camp walk:

by Jean Roach (video length 0:11) 


Video #19:

by Jean Roach (video length 1:55) 


Video #20:

by Jean Roach (video length 3:12) 


Video #21:

     Blocking the highway near Standing Rock: Anti-Media live at the Dakota Access Pipeline

by The Anti-media  (video length 26:58) 


Video #22:

   Oceti Sakowin takes back unceded territory affirmed in the 1851 Treaty of Ft. Laramie and create new camp in direct route of DAPL construction. 

by Unicorn Riot (video length 1:19)


Video #23:

   On the ground defending the water.

by Sacred Stone Camp (video length 2:20)


Video #24:

    Circled up, beginning of round dance

by Red Warrior Camp (video length 0:19):


Video #25:

   We are ready and standing our ground. Our sacred ground. Peace be with us all.

by Dr0ne2bwild (video length 0:15)


Video #26:

    Trying to sneak up on us.

by Dr0ne2bwild (video length 0:55)


Video #27:

    Footage of illegal shot at drone.

by Dr0ne2bwild (video length 1:40)


Video #28:

    Evidence of shots fired at drone (it is a federal crime to shoot down any aircraft or drone) with footage of shooting – with Dr0ne2bwild.

by Prolific TheRapper (video length 1:05)


Video #29:

    FAA says that it is a federal crime to shoot down a drone.

by Lakota Country Times shares article by Kelsey D Atherton with Popular Science


Video #30:

    Dr0ne2bwild vs. DAPL Security – Drone shot at 10 times.

by Dean Dedman Jr., Dr0one2bwild (video length 3:24)



Video #31:

   Exercised Tribal Sovereignty on land East of Hwy 1806, Contact Director of Domestic Policy Council

by Indigenous People Power Project (video length 2:46)


Video #32:

    1806 closed due to the road block, officers only allow local traffic to pass. Police ask for IDs, re-direct people to an alternative route 20 miles out to get back to camp. “They’re not even letting us get back home.”

by Cempoalli Twenny (video length 7:11)


Video #33:

    Blockades put up to block police from arresting water protectors.

by Eric Poemz (video length 1:06)


Video #34:

    On the front lines in Standing Rock on Hwy 1806 where we set up a Blockade.

by Eric Poemz  (video length 0:30)


Video #35:

     Just getting to Front lines in Standing Rock for the days Prayers and Protection

by Eric Poemz (video length 2:45)


Video #36:

   Water protectors set up a blockade to close down Hwy 1806 to keep over 55 police units from entering while the new camp (Oceti) gets set up.

by Eric Poemz  (video length 0:43)


Video #37:
Morton County DAPL Security kidnapping Water Protectors at gunpoint

by Occupy Naperville

Description: Two all-terrain vehicles descended a hill at Standing Rock Indian Reservation on October 23, 2016. After the heavily armed law enforcement officers tackled two water protectors to the ground, one of the restrained individuals was taken to an undisclosed location. The other person who was forced into submission was released, and the officer backed away with a weapon pointed towards the individual.


Post #1:

    Winter camp is going up.

by Joye Braun


Post #2:

   Blockade on Hwy 1806 north of proposed DAPL pipeline crossing.

by Dallas Goldtooth


Press Release #1:

Updated Black Snake Destruction Report

by Red Warrior Camp

Black Snake Destruction Report Update 10.23.2016


Post #3:

Status report, video links, and 8 photos

by Red Warrior Camp


Press Release #2:

    Morton County Press Release – Protesters illegally block highway 1806.




Videos not currently working – may need to be tracked down:

    Beautiful Warrior woman who was injured by the brutal tactics used by the police speaks out about what happened yesterday.

by Lindsey Norton (video length 3:14) 

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