10-5-2016: Police Now w/ Riot Gear Block Road, Prevent Action, Interviews (NEEDS SUMMARY)

Video #1:
Standing Our Ground
by Myron Dewey (video length 0:21)

Description:  Police on the ground donned riot gear – including helmets and batons – while the Water Protectors stood at the front line of the Dakota Access Pipeline with signs and songs, peacefully protesting the movement of what is now commonly known as “the Black Snake” from being placed on their sacred land at Standing Rock reservation.



Video #2:
Armed with Only a Song and a Prayer
by Myron Dewey (video length 3:21)

Description:  Water Protectors stand at the front line of the Dakota Access Pipeline with songs and prayers, protesting continued efforts to build what is now commonly known as “the Black Snake” on their sacred land at Standing Rock reservation, North Dakota.



Video #3:
FB Live Stream of Water Protectors and Police Force
by Myron Dewey  (video length 36:55)

Description:  Myron Dewey is a filmmaker and activist who has been embedded in the front lines of #NODAPL and coordinated a live Facebook stream of this frontline action, encouraging others to pass it off and keep the video going far beyond the life of a phone battery. “Passing and sharing, passing and sharing. Take the opportunity now.”

This clip is more than thirty minutes long and shows the protest in real-time.  Around the 00:10:00 minute mark the singing pauses & police are shown very close to the Water Protectors, standing guardedly, lights flashing, guns on belts, blocking the road.

Around 00:12:40, police with riot gear start to move in, and the Water Protectors call out instructions to each other, urging each other to be safe and stick together. “You can’t drink oil; water is life!” and “All we got here is a song and a prayer.” In between chanting and singing, Water Protectors take turns sharing out their truths about how this pipeline will affect their lives and the lives of generations to come. Dewey encourages everyone to share on social media their experiences against the state’s corporate militarization.

Around 00:24:00 the camera zooms in on cops holding zipties to use as handcuffs and Dewey calls out “the cops are now DAPL-Protectors.” Around 00:28:00, he finds a police filming him, & they stare each other’s cameras down.



Video #4:
Powerful Women Speak
by Tom Jefferson  
(video length 1:00:27)

Description:  Standing Rock Press Conference featuring Kanahus Manuel, Ladonna Allard, Tara Houska, IIYC letter by Jasilyn Charger, Helena Wong, Kandi Mosset

(12:03)  Kanahus Manuel – “Last of the wild Indians”; Manuel’s tribe lives on non-treaty territory in “so called British Colombia”;  Canadian government is trying to initiate a modern day treaty process;  fighting many front lines as women – child apprehension, alcohol, meth, addiction, abuse, displacement;  Mt. Paulie Imperial Metals mine disaster dumped “hundred of millions of gallons” of toxic mining waste into salmon waters; “…if we don’t stand up now as the women that we will lose our salmon forever, and there’s no way to get that back.  Just like the mining, when you destroy the water and contaminate the water there is no way to get it back to the pristine state that it once was since the beginning of creation, since we were gifted with that sacred medicine of the water.”;  “the women are the last lines of defense”;  “Who we are as Native women is powerful, and I look at the beauty of all the Native women – it’s the beauty of the earth.  We are.  The earth is the blood and bones of our ancestors.”;  Indigenous women from Vancouver organized a mass rally that shut down two Toronto Dominion banks;  Mother of “four Freedom babies” – don’t have numbers or documentation;  Mothers Against Meth Alliance;  Father’s book:  Unsettling Canada; “Obama was quoted saying that he wants to continue with sovereign to sovereign.  Obama needs to stop political theater.  If he really believes in sovereign to sovereign, he would have the authority to shut this pipeline right down.”

(22:41)  LaDonna Allard –  “I come from a long line of big mouth women.”;  “I am a mother first, and then I am a grandmother.”;  “My son is buried on that hill over there.  Look out here, you can see his grave.  And I said who would build a pipeline next to my son’s grave?  Who would do that?  I tell people this started out very personal.  No one is going to build a pipeline next to my sons grave.”;  Joy Brown – “Would you think about building a camp?”;  The people started all of this;  48 hour notice that D.A.P.L. was going to start construction;  Went onto iPhone and asked for help – didn’t know what else to do;  First question when people arrive, “What can you feel?”;  The young people are the footprint of this movement.  “I don’t want anyone to forget that…We are just following them…I’m old now, this is their life.  All we can do is help.”;  “The water is female.  The water is us.  We have to protect the water.”;  “If we stop bringing children into the world, we die.  If we stop protecting the water, we die.”

(30:33)  Tara Houska – Sundancing for first time – “…four days, essentially, to get as close to the Creator as you possibly can.  On one of those days I prayed just for the water.”;  “this really is for the seventh generation”;  “treaty rights violated across the board, human rights violated across the board, respect for ind people not even existent.”;  not even an inkling of “we are on your land” when in Washington, D.C. ;  budgets cut, left with scraps; “lazy, poor, not working, living in third world conditions because we want to” is the Native stereotype;  “We’re going to stop Dakota Access.”;  “We know how it feels to be forgotten people.”;  Because of the system in place, we are unable to prosecute and protect our people just like every other citizen in this country.;  “It’s horrendous to know that that’s the law.”;  “An abomination of justice” – if a non-Native commits a crime in Indian country, and Federal system chooses not to investigate, criminal gets away with crime.

(38:24)  Helena Wong – Berta Caceres, environmantal protector murdered in Hondoras;  Wong explains how US government decisions concerning environment and indigenous people make it clear that US is not leader in climate change action – Wong and friends “Sent over 100 people to Paris to  call out US delegations…saying they were leaders in climate change around the world.”;  Wong said she hope they contributed to the camp, and want to share what they learned.

(42:11) Kandi Mosset –  On 2 December 2015, Tribal leaders signed right of way for Dakota Access to pass over buffalo ranch.  Leaders said they signed because they were facing condemnation.  That D.A.P.L. would take the land no matter what so they might as well get something instead of nothing;  “In 2008, violence against women increased by 168%” – rape, sex trafficing.  Mancamps came into area.  Thousand of men came and camped in our back yards.  12-16 year olds went in looking for pay for services, but were raped.  Kidnapping memos were sent out in an attempt to prevent violence.  A little girl was found running away from mancamp with no clothes on.  She had been sexually assaulted.  She was 4 years old.;  “I buried two friends who got addicted to heroin.”; organized crime follows money;  There are social impacts that people do not think about;  “That’s the Bakkan.  Where they are digging all of this oil.  That’s why they want to build this pipeline.  To move Bakkan oil out.  Down to the Gulf of Mexico. And sell it.  We have so much oil in this country that theres oil sitting in tanker cars theres oil  floating around in barges on the ocean.  it has nothing to due with reducing our dependency on foreign oil and everything to do with the all might dollar, and that power we give to that dollar.  That’s what this country wants.”; Speaking of the resistance:  “This is such a beautiful thing”;  Now you can see the media black out;  we’re not protestors, we protectors;  “Water is life.  We don’t say that for no reason.  Women are the keepers of water.  Men are the keepers of fire.”;  “Prayer and ceremony does not mean we don’t put our bodies on the line.  And that’s what we’ve done.  The very first altercation we had..you can see all the flags..That is where they first came in to biuld this line and it was women that ran through the fence…Pretty soon a bunch of women and children came in through the fence.”;  Dakota Access came in and destroyed sacred site using GPS coordinates

Video #5:
High School Students Chant with IIYC
by International Indigenous Youth Council  (video length 0:31)

Description:  International Indigenous Youth Council on the road.  We had such a great morning with the #JicarillaApache students at Dulce Middle and High School!  Iheédn for supporting the protectors in#StandingRock. You guys rule ?✊? #NoDAPL”  



Article #1:
Buffer Zone Holds as Caravans Continue to Disrupt DAPL – Felony Charges issued
by Unicorn Riot


Video #6:
Live at road junction where police blocked off county road to the west.

by Kandi Mossett, Indigenous Environmental Network  (video length 24:59)

Description:  Morton County Road 136 being blocked by police;  people chanting; Why are we being denied access to a public road?”;  “How much did you get paid to stop us from praying?”;  “We were going to go and pray today.”;  “The whole world is watching.”;  “Stand for the people, not the billionaires.”;  “Love water, not oil.”;  “Mni wiconi, water is life.”;  “We are going to stay here as long as it takes to stop this pipeline.;  singing in prayer;  asked to move off of the road by police



Video #7:
Drone Video of Hwy 136 Blockade
by Drone2bwild  (video length 2:17)


Video #8:
Live Stream leaving Hwy 136 Blockade

by Myron Dewey (video length 12:21)

Description:  “D.A.P.L. security are bad guys.  I didn’t get to get that on camera which I really wanted to do.”;  “We’re even being warned by the FBI about what kind of people are out here.”;  “We came there peacefully…and thank goodness it went off without incident…they came fully strapped…trying to intimidate us, but we continued to pray.”;  “Taxpayer money going to protect the Dakota Access Pipeline.”;  Highway 6 has D.A.P.L. on both sides of highway;  “come with good heart and prayer”

Video #9:
Police Blocking Public Road” 

by Myron Dewey (video length 1:19)


Video #10:
  Interview with Kandi Mossett (Windy)
by Myron Dewey (video length 0:55)


Video #11:
360 Degree View at the Blockade
 Myron Dewey (video length 0:08)


Video #12:
Watching Them Watching Us
 Myron Dewey (video length 9:26)


Video #13:
Police Block Caravan from Standing Rock
by Todd Darling (video length 5:24)


Photo #1:
Two Warrior Women in prayer
by Sacred Stone Camp

Photo #2:
Running On Indian Time!
by Chad Charlie


Article #2:
Court Postpones Decision on DAPL Construction Stoppage as Standing Rock Stands Strong
 Indian Country Today Media Network



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