12-6-2016: (needs labels)

Chief Arvol Looking Horse “It’s not over.”

Unify (video length 1:04)

    Medics, security, veterans have been checking on people at camp to send vulnerable people to pavillion.

Sara Juanita Jumping Eagle


    The Standing Rock Medic Healer Council explains the medical and health situation at the Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Camps (Oceti Sakowin, Sicangu/Rosebud, Sacred Stone, etc.) in light of the ongoing blizzard conditions and 1806 police roadblock.

SR Medic Healer Council (video length 1:34)

This Saturday is a day of action against Wells Fargo 

Sacred Stone Camp

Photograph taken on December 4th just prior to the blizzard which came the very next day on the 5th of December.

Kenny Frost

    Be on the Lookout! Here is the ugly side of what people who stand up for their beliefs and kids future face in North Dakota

Kevin Gilbertt

   Mandan N.D solidarity people prayer

– Cempoalli Twenny 1:01

Frontlines – hill and bridge

    One does not sell the earth people walk on

-IRM 5:57


    Describing that various frontlines – the hill and the north gate

– Atsa E’sha Hoferer 1NTV 3:53


   Discusses direct action at Cannonball River

– Eric Poemz 8:47


    On the s. side of Turtle hill -Today at Cannonball River!! They shot over 6 cans of gas at us but we r all ok!!

– Eric Poemz 1:20


   Trying to Protect the Sacred burial site, over 60 police in Riot gear but we all made it back across safe!!

– Eric Poemz 2:13


   Reclaim Turtle Island near C.ball river, Josue Rivas Fotographer

– IRM – 0:30


   Xhopakelxhit of Ancestral Pride and Chairman Fred Hampton Jr of the Black Panther Party Cubs at Standing Rock

– IROAL 0:56


   Water protectors crossing over to get to the gravesite hill that DAPl etc is on, Tear Gas Fired

– Johnny Dangers 43:25


   Water protector hit with tear-gas (launcher?) (cannister?) at Standing Rock

– Rod Webber 7:26


   Tense standoff at Standing Rock after Semi Truck comes to clear bridge – w/ Dallas Goldtooth commentary

– Rod Webber 7:49


   Early Sunday: Water Protectors Were Tear Gassed by Police During Attempt to Reclaim Sacred Burial Site.

– Unicorn Riot 2:08


Story and more photos – Turtle Island and Bismarck Cemetary

– Unicorn Riot


Protectors were hit with Pepper Spray and Tear Gas!! I got a lil upset in Video, I apologize but this was the day after DAPL almost killed me and other Water Protectors by Spraying us over and over!!

– Eric Poemz 2:40



3 photos – Turtle hill – Sacheen Seitcham


    Forgiveness Action in Mandan

   Forgiveness march to Morton County Police Station planned for 11/6/16

– Lyla June 3:43


   Forgiveness march and prayer circle

– Gary LaPointe 55:12


   Near police department now. Gave an officer a hug. Forgiveness for DAPL/Morton Co.

– Prolific the Rapper 45:58


   Beautiful post about the Forgiveness walk and circle (over 700 people came!), and photo

– Lyla June


 14 photos from Mandan – Indigenous Communities Marched and circled the Morton County Sheriff’s, PD and Courthouse buildings offer prayers in forgiveness

– Sara LittleRedfeather Kalmanson


   Peaceful prayer march for forgiveness in Mandan

– Sara Long 1:06:30


    Cemetary Action in Bismarck – What if they dug up YOUR ancestors?

   Fairview Cemetery, Bismarck, ND – Josue Rivas Fotographer

– RWC 1:02:16


   Story and more photos – Turtle Island and Bismarck Cemetary

– Unicorn Riot


Major Oil Spill Just Miles from Standing Rock


Creating Clarity from Chaos