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Video #1

Heavily armed Police walk both sides of caravan of around 50 vehicles, arresting 1 man.

    During a Prayer Circle for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Police target Water Protectors & Warriors protecting them, walking either side of the vehicles looking for men to arrest. 1 officer carries a canister, another has a gas mask. They surround the vehicle in front & arrest one man, 2 officers leading him away; the police move on while 2 or 3 get into an unmarked car, plate # DAR847. A police officer is heard to say the man arrested will probably be charged with trespass.

sub category – 

Thomas H. Joseph, Red Warrior Society, Facebook – 8.07 


Video #2

Prayers for sacred land, water & for our sisters. Police in distance.

    Most footage is of the crowd gathered by the gate of DAPL ‘man camp’ to pray & to protest at the rape, murder & disappearance of sisters because of the ‘man camps’ set up by DAPL for their workers. Police seen in the distance. Noise of a helicopter above. 

sub category –

Thomas H. Joseph, Facebook – 8.25


Video #3

Crowd with speaker, drums & singing

    Speaker with PA saying “Shame on you North Dakota, you are here to protect money & corporations, we are here to protect the water”

 sub category –

Red warrior Society, Facebook – 6.09


Video #4

Line of Police

    Very short video & 1 still, line of Police & few people with Red Warrior Society flag.

sub category – 

Red Warrior Society, Facebook – 11 seconds


Video #5

Commentary, but no actual footage of Police pepper spraying.

    During a Ceremony for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women the Riot Police “unleashed pepper spray and tear gas on the crowd of over 400 + Water Protectors” 

sub category –

Red Warrior Society, Facebook – 34 seconds


Video #6

Confrontation across the railway line, on the way to the Man Camps of DAPL workers.

    Footage of Police armed with batons & at least 1 with a pepper spray (or mace) canister – police on one side of the railway line & water protectors on the other. Noise of a helicopter.  

sub category –

Red Warrior Society, Facebook – 11.27


Video #7

At a ceremony for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Water Protectors are leaving as asked, in caravan of 100 (?) cars & are blocked by the Police. Commentary mainly Sacheen Seitcham, some wind interference when another person is speaking. 

    Footage of the cars blocked & stopped from moving by the Riot Police. Police officer driving past is asked if the vehicles will be allowed to move, but this question is not answered & the water protectors are asked to get back in their vehicles. Footage of various law enforcement vehicles driving past. Commentator: “Police fire shots into a vehicle & arrest one,” & “Police are protecting the pipeline not the people, & firing live rounds at people they have sworn to protect” “At least one person has been arrested.” 

sub category –

Sachsen Seitcham, Facebook – 9:08


Video #8

More footage of the vehicles blocked by the police ~ 2 people are arrested & taken away 

commentator says “400 people held hostage” ” riot police have blocked us from moving, after we were asked to disperse; we were trying to do this, some police have pepper spray, & tear gas, live shots have been fired into a vehicle, women were held down on the ground at gun point ” None of this is evident in this video. Only around 55 Police filmed, ( a guess!) Footage of police approaching with “canisters of mace” – later on the commentator says “easily a few hundred police, many wearing masks”  17.21 – clear footage of a man being arrested, led away handcuffed, other people, including a woman, being taken out of their vehicles, by Moreton County police; a van & police vehicle drive away, 23.29 a woman is arrested & put into a waiting police van; noise of a helicopter flying above. Police going through trunk of vehicle in front. Vehicles that were blocked now driving away including ‘live stream’ one. 

sub category – 

Red Warrior Society, Facebook – 28.53


Videos #9

3 video clips -near Bismarck -a few Pro DAPL demonstrators attend a Water Protectors Peaceful Rally, possibly for the first time?

     Footage of cars driving past people at the rally. Many people chanting & holding placards; “Mni Wiconi, Water is Life, Our water, our land” Many police here.

sub category –

Thomas H Joseph, Facebook – 3.56, 9.03 & 36.23




Video #10

Water Protectors milling around & long line of police with helmets, & a helicopter clearly visible in the sky.

    Line of police advancing slowly at 4.20, all through, lots of cell phone filming going on by water protectors; 9.03 many similar looking vehicles in the background.

sub category –

Thomas H Joseph, Facebook – 10.37

Video #11

Myron Dewey talking about biker’s attempt to intimidate him, with brief footage of the biker 

    A biker tries to intimidate Myron Dewey after the peaceful demonstration of prayer, brief video of biker & Myron talking about education people  

sub category –

Myron Dewey, Facebook – 8:35

Video #12

DAPL Security Threatens “Scum of The Earth” Water Protectors

    Security personnel with a bulldozer, & vehicles, (short separate video clip of security personnel in vehicle, shouting at water protectors, drives away as one person falls to the ground, gunshot(s) fired,) security telling people to back up & not get too close, helicopter flying in background; with some subtitles of what is said, including swearing.

sub category –

TYT Politics 1:58


Video #13

USACE Bismark ND Rally –

Long video with many prayers, attempts at engaging with the police officers, at giving out leaflets & with various speakers sharing. No arrests, & mostly no response from the police. 

sub category –

Kevin Gilbert, Facebook – 51:37


Video #14

National Day of Action, evening update with Ladonna Brave Bull & one sister. Thanks & solidarity

sub category –

Sacred Stone Camp, Facebook – 4:09



Video #15

“Checking to see if the (Highway) 1806 from Bismarck is open. It is not open yet due to Water Protectors praying.”

    Through the windscreen driving footage with praying / singing, 3.45 car stops, Myron asks the road block officials why the road is blocked & how to get to Cannonball …

subcategory –

Myron Dewey, Facebook – 11:43


Video #16

Update on the National Day of Action and statement released by the Army Corps of Engineers. 

    Ladonna Allard says “We will not negotiate the safety of our water.” in Washington DC

subcategory –

Sacred Stone Camp, Facebook – 2:33



Still photos #1

35 still photos of Mandan and Bismark, ND protestors –

Rob Wilson Photography – 35 photos


Article #1

Guardian article with short video – Completion of Dakota Access pipeline delayed as army corps of engineers calls for more analysis 

    “The US army corps of engineers has completed its review of the Dakota Access pipeline and is calling for “additional discussion and analysis”, further delaying completion of a project that has faced massive opposition from indigenous and environmental activists.” Short video with people mainly talking about Trump. 2.39

sub category – 


Article #2

 “No More Stolen Sisters” Demonstration Blockades DAPL Man Camp; 25+ Arrests (?)

    “One group of water protectors entered a pipeline easement off of Highway 6 in Morton County, causing all the workers in the area to leave for the day. Before people left the area, private security mercenaries hired by Dakota Access threatened water protectors with baseball bats.”

sub category –

Unicorn Riot blog post


Article #3

“A #NoDAPL national day of action occurred on November 15th, 2016 along with actions across the globe in solidarity with the water protectors struggling to prevent the Dakota Access Pipeline from poisoning of the water supply of millions.”

    “Unicorn Riot was live from in front of the  U.S. Army Corps Building in St. Paul, Minnesota, where hundreds gathered on a Tuesday at noon.”

Unicorn Riot blog post



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11/15/16 Police after “Man Camp” prayer – LaRae Meadows 7:10
11/15/16 Police after Man-Camp prayer – LaRae Meadows 20:52

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