Mandatory Camcorders on Government Officials – Citizens Have a Right to Receive Footage

     Cambridge University found that body camcorders on law enforcement officials “is perhaps most effective at actually preventing escalation during police-public interactions: whether abusive behavior toward police or unnecessary use-of force by police.

     A 12-month Rialto Police Department experiment found that “Use-of-force by officers wearing cameras fell by 59 percent & complaints against officers dropped by 87 percent compared to the previous year’s total.” [1]

     This Petition demands mandatory camcorders on government officials.  Persons have a right to receive unedited footage upon request, & are liable for the abuse of such footage (i.e. damaging misrepresentation of content &/or causing officer endangerment)

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[1]: Police Foundation, “Body Camcorders on Officers” (link expired)

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