12-3-2016 (needs labels)

    #NoDAPL videos today

Uprising Media (video length 3:36)

12/3/16 I have no drone, no more

– IRM (video length 4:46)

12/3/16 Organizing with Wes Clark Jr.

Evan K. Duke III

    Kill the Black Snake banner

Johnny Dangers

    Taxi 9000 in Bismarck tells their drivers that they no longer can drive water protectors to Oceti Sakowin Camp

Indigenous Rising Media (video length 6:52)


Photos as vets gather, and post

Jon Eagle Sr.

      Beautiful evening in Standing Rock

Myron Dewey

    Mirror shield test – Christopher D Lutter

Christopher D Lutter-gardella (video length 0.08)

#1NTV Oceti Sakowin is growing… Its Beautiful!!

Asta E’Sha Hoferer

    The Sacred Stone camp December 2, 2016

LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard

    Midnight update…on Facebook Hill at Oceti Sakowin with Cheyanne Lakota Veteran Pat Kincaid

Digital Smoke Signals (video length 16:04)

Creating Clarity from Chaos