1-18-2017 #NoDAPL Archive (needs content and labels)

1/18/17 4 important updates today:
1) USACE published notice of intent for Environemental Impact Statement but only on Lake Oahe
2) DAPL’s request to stop USACE EIS was denied
3) SRST’s request for preliminary injunction to stop DAPL was declared moot
4) ND supreme court will allow some out of state lawyers to represent water protectors

1/18/17 4 major legal updates today! Read more: http://bit.ly/2iTUfEU In District Court today, Judge Boasberg denied DAPL’s request for a Temporary Restraining Order to stop the EIS process from going forward! Also today, the US Army Corps officially filed their intent to prepare the EIS – but only on Lake Oahe. What we need is a FULL Environmental Impact Statement that assesses the risk for the entire length of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the millions of people a rupture would endanger!




1/18/17 Judge Boasberg denied DAPL’s request to stop the EIS process from going forward – IRM




1/18/17 Close-ups (with telescope) of activity at DAPL – Johnny Dangers 33:48


1/18/16 Backwater Bridge – Police getting bolder – Why is the bridge not open?

1/18/17 They ran towards us shooting “less lethal” (Not as lethal, but still capable of being lethal) rounds at us while charging on snow machines, picking off people and dragging them back across the bridge. When I ran up the hill I heard 3 shots and was sure they were for me, right then I looked to my right and a brother was on the ground screaming curled into a ball. Then the tear gas came. #NODAPL #WeAreStillHere – Curt Yazzie 1:00



Later: 6:56



1/18/17 (1) Backwater bridge – Jon Zeigler 1:28:58



1/18/17 (2) At Bridge; videographer’s hand is shot at the end (see below photo) – Jon Zeigler 1:03:54
–At 1 hour mark– Watch police move in on praying water protectors at Backwater Bridge and shoot less lethal rounds and cs gas at folx. Jon Ziegler was hit in hand with a projectile fired from police, has a likely broken finger. #NoDAPL


1/18/17-1/19/17 Photo of Jon Zeigler’s hand after it’s shot, finger broken – Rhonda Capello-Smith




1/18/17 – Aaron Dorn 6:03

1/18/17 – Kaelly Salazar
1) 30:24

2) 14:35

1/18/17 “War pony [ his truck, used to stop infiltrator’s truck ] shot up by Morton country tonight”-(He also talks about the value of these videos in countering falsehoods) – Mike Fasig 58:09



1/18/17 7th generation in charge tonight, I’m staying quiet, letting the kids do their thing. Trust them and give them the chance to lead, Don’t judge them by mistakes in their past, that’s the struggle that gives life purpose. – Mike Fasig 8:43



NEW at bridge – cops shooting and attacking aqnd flanking and arresting folks – Mike Fasig 58:10



NEW Waiting it out – Mike Fasig 33:34



NEW 1/18/17 End of night – testimony – Mike Fasig 8:18



NEW 1/18/17 A talking-to, from an elder… – Tunkawicasa Win 5:53

1/18/17 – Mitra Singh 40:43



1/18/17 – Wakinyan Omani Win Paha 30:28



1/18/17 Substance in snow from canister sprayed on people at bridge – Eric Kristiansen
Morton County Sheriff’s Department want to explain this? That is the outline of a canister used by your officers that is spewing an as of yet unknown liquid onto frontline water protectors on the front lines. You bet this is being investigated don’t you try lying about this either like everything else. It’s being spread around all over the internet too. We will expose everything illegal you do. #NoDAPL



1/18/17 (pub. 1/19/17)About Water Protectors holding prayers and songs at bridge – Waniya Locke 5:37




1/18/17 (pub. 1/19/17) Picture of someone’s leg that was shot. Nat’l Guard, LEOs deliberately fire point blank to maim water protector. LastRealIndians



1/18/17 Nat’l Guard, LEOs deliberately fire point blank to maim water protector – LRI




1/18/17 UPDATE: At least 22 water protectors were snatched by law enforcement last night. Some were taken to a hospital. Four Major #NoDAPL Legal Developments as Clashes Continue – SacredStone Camp



1/18/17 5 photos from previous few days – Elizabeth Hoover



1/18/17 35 photos from last few days – Elizabeth Hoover




1/18/17 (pub. 1/19/17) Candi Brings Plenty’s testimony about what happened on the bridge – Alane Golden



1/18/17 (pub. 1/19/17) Erecting a tipi on backwater bridge – Margaret T. 1:15



1/18/17 1806 Stand off on Backwater Bridge between police, and water protectors – Margaret T. 11:43



1/18/17 (pub. 1/19/17) Getting flanked on backwater bridge. #nodapl – Margaret T. 1:42



1/18/17 (pub. 1/19/17) quick update about backwater bridge last night – Margaret T. 3:03



NEW 1/18/17 Clash on backwater bridge – Angela Ohmer 5:40
Part 1.




NEW 1/18/17 Violent clash on backwater bridge – Angela Ohmer 14:54.
​Part 2




NEW 1/18/17 Missile systems stationed above camp (photo) – OSC page



NEW 1/18/17 (pub. 1/19/17) Detailed testimony and 3 videos- Nataani Means



NEW 1/18/17 (pub. 1/22/17) Camp life. My thoughts on the event on Backwater Bridge Standing Rock – Margaret T. 31:11



NEW 1/18/17 (pub. 1/19/17) I posted this last night on my Twitter feed shortly after getting trampled on following a sweep on the Backwater Bridge. – Jenny Monet 0:32



NEW 1/18/17 At the bridge getting tear gassed, maced, and shot – Jonah Lee 17:18



NEW 1/18/17 Backwater bridge – Women’s Indigenous Media – WIM 6:01



NEW 1/18/17 night on backwater bridge, tear gas and rubber bullets into crowd, planes flying low, phone signals lost – 5:04 Video by Julie Kurylowicz




NEW 1/18/17 The bridge again – Timothy Cominghay 29:29 Strong words and songs IIYC ####



NEW 1/18/17 Teargas n a few snowballs and people telling people to stop it – Timothy Cominghay 2:30



NEW 1/18/17 (pub. 1/23/17) Police shooting, shows Jon Zeigler getting shot; this videographer shot in back – Timothy Cominghay 8:34



NEW 1/18/17 (pub. 1/27/17) The pushback later that night… group praying and singing at bridge – Timothy Cominghay 8:00



NEW 1/18/17 – Julie Kurywolicz 29:02



NEW JK 4:50


NEW JK 7:35

NEW JK 5:05 Thank you song!



NEW  Bridge pt. 2 – with Ernesto Burbank – Kaelly Salazar 14:35



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