Violations Against Drone Operators:

     “Drone Operators” were some of the most valuable unofficial “positions” amongst the ranks of Standing Rock Water Protectors, offering an essential bird’s eye view of what was going on not only throughout the camps during & after the infamous illegal evictions, but also .  Though every drone operator at Standing Rock had their drones stolen by law enforcement &/or faced criminal charges, these actions by law enforcement were violations of the civilians’ First Amendment “right to film” and Fourth Amendment immunity to illegal seizures of property.   We are continuing to develop this section.

 September 2016:


  • Aaron “Prolific The Rapper” Turgeon’s Drone Taken by Morton County Sheriff’s Deputies

October 2016:


  • Myron Dewey from Digital Smoke Signals & Dean from Drone2BeWild‘s Drones are Taken by Officers without a Warrant
  • Officers at Station Refuse to Identify Themselves, Intimidate Dewey


  • Myron Dewey Files Complaint Against Officer for Theft of Drone
  • Officer Claims they’re “Applying for a Warrant to Acquire the SD Card inside the Drone” & that he “Won’t Be Getting the Drone Back Today”


  • Drone2BeWild’s Drones shot at ~10 times

May 2017:


  • Aaron “Prolific The Rapper” found Not Guilty on several counts amongst a highly-analytical court case

July 2017:


  • Myron Dewey’s Upcoming Case, PDF of Complaint


  • Myron Dewey’s Trial One Week Away


  • Myron Dewey Gives Update on Upcoming Court Case & Addresses Youth


  • “Stalking” Charges Against Myron Dewey Dropped


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