3-1-2017: BIA goes through Sacred Stone Prayer Camp, sets up hard blockade at checkpoint. BIA gives final warning while sacred fire continues to burn. Final walk through of camp for Rob Wilson and Jonny Danger before takeover by BIA.

    Johnny Dangers:  “BIA SUV just went through Sacred Stone Camp and said ‘Final Warning.  BIA is taking over cleanup.  Everyone should leave’ There is now a Hard Blockade at the Check Point and Park Rangers are not letting Water Protectors back into camp to Clean!”

    Johnny Dangers:  “Sacred Stone Camp under imminent threat of a raid by BIA!”

Filmed @ 10:42 am:

   Honor the Earth via Johnny Dangers:  “Ladonna gives an update about the situation at Sacred Stone Camp and how the BIA and other federal agents are moving forward.”

Filmed @ 10:55 am:

   Winter Vojta:  “Last contact we had with the sacred fire
We were removed from the sacred fire, and told to leave the land they wouldn’t even let LaDonna come on to her own land, I was misinformed about them bulldozing camp they have no legal justification to do so and if they do they will have a major lawsuit on their hands. camp will be open back up in two days camp will continue to go strong their justification on the raid was that we might have weapons which we do not so we can go back supposedly but thats the update. camp will be open back up in two days camp will continue to go strong there justification on raided camp was that we might have weapons which we do not so we can go back supposedly but thats the update.”

(video length 7:40)

Rob Wilson Photography:  “Water Protectors worked feverishly to take down several structures and clean up Sacred Stone Camp before the BIA moved in and took over. These are some of the final moments from camp. My work can be supported here! –> GoFundMe.com/ResistancePhotography
Killer-Bailly Leta:  Facebook update with several photos including photo of the blockade once they drove out completely blocking the road from re-entry:  “Han Mitakuyapi! Hello Relatives & Friends from our Sacred Stone Camp Water Protectors! We just shared a meal at the casino. Everybody got out safely with only 1 arrest of a new guy I don’t know? We encouraged our camp to leave safely & peacefully because we are a prayer camp.  Robert Eder stayed behind lastly with our Sacred Fire and came out peacefully. We took a picture jokingly saying we are the “Till the Enders” but decided we should be called, “The Beginners!” because we begin again. Look at the picture of our little wachinchila, little girl, Wiconi with her arm up! We do this for her generation and the next generations! Wopila, Thank You, to Tunkasila, God, for everyone getting out safely with no harm. Please keep your prayers going for our safety & guidance as we prepare to keep going forward for Sacred Stone’s Spiritual & cultural youth camp & to protect the water! We never give up! Thank you for your prayers & encouragement! Peace & prayers! Mni Wiconi ~ Water is Life!!!”

    Digital Smoke Signals:  “Sacred Stones BIA sweep”

Filmed @ 2:28 pm:

    Digital Smoke Signals:  “Oceti and Sacred Stones”

Filmed @ 3:01 pm:

    Digital Smoke Signals:  “BIA and FBI in Sacred stones”

Filmed @ 5:27 pm:

Wild Willpower PAC:  “Roadblock enforcing Wrongful Eviction against Sacred Stone Camp”


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