10-29-2016: Jingle Dress Dancers at the Frontlines, (editing needed)

Video #1:
by Myron Dewey (video length 8:40)

Description:  Fire on the Hill 



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Jingle Dress Dancers at the Frontlines:

Video #2:
by Thomas H. Joseph II (video length 3:04)

Description:  Healing Ceremony on recent battle grounds, Hwy 1806 near Cannon Ball Ranch, ND –



Video #3:
Jingle Dresses on the Frontlines
by Simon Moya-Smith (video length 0:48)
Description: Jingle Dress dancers took to the frontlines; police sat in armored vehicles 150 yards away –
Video #3[copy]:

Photo #1:
https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cv9KNwtVMAA91Xn.jpg (photog. unknown)

Photo #2:
 “Jingle Dress Dancers”
by Sarah Sunshine Manning [photo and post]


Video #4:
“Jingle Dress Dancers” 
by Erin Tapahe (video length 1:42)  

Description: This morning at Standing Rock, many women participated in a sacred ceremonial Women’s Jingle dance and this was the first time it was allowed to be recorded. The dancers invited the media to record it because they want the healing power to be shared with the world.

Video #5:
“Jingle Dress Dancers”
by Tim Yakaitis (video length 2:54)

Description: This is a sacred jingle dress ceremony on the 1806 bridge right before Chief Arvol Lookinghorse met with Sheriff Kirchmeier to negotiate the reopening of the bridge. It is strictly forbidden to film or photograph any ceremonies at the camp. They made an exception on this day and asked the media to document this and show the world.

Video #6:
“10/29/16 IEN Frontline Report”
by Kandi Mossett, IEN (video length 16:56)

Description:  Can’t travel north on 1806, while DAPL works to go under 1806 and over the land between 1806 and the river.

10/29/16 Highway 1806 protectors negotiating with opposition –  Marshall Lee 12:25    

10/29/16 Oglala Lakota elder Jerry Deerly –  Lorri Ann Dearly  2:49

10/29/16 Flyover of north of camp, where DAPL is tearing up the earth and proceeding with construction – Dallas Goldtooth 1:35

10/29/16 Spiritual leaders negotiate impasse with morton county sheriff – ICTMN

10/29/16 Burning Barricades – WCWWC 0:56 3:17 PM

10/29/16 Daily Update of camp/frontline activites – Eric Poemz 27:29

NEW 10/29/16 discussing actions at bridge and court – James Owens 27:41

10/29/16 Press Conference with Dave Archambault II (SRST Tribal Chairman) and Harold Frazier (Cheyenne River Tribal Charman)
https://www.facebook.com/KFYRtv/videos/10154016576274103/ – KFYR TV 18:53 
https://www.facebook.com/IndigenousLifeMovement/videos/10153576531237255/ – ILM (with questions and answers) 44:18

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