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Standing Rock Lawyer Confident After Latest DAPL Defeat
TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton spoke with Jan Hasselman, an attorney from Earth Justice, about the judicial decisions regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline. He will be filing for summary judgement. Mostly audio, some video of cell phone, some stills. 

    Recent reversal of decision, that Army Corps Environmental Impact Statement was necessary, by newly inducted President Trump in his second day of office, does violate the law. Attorney Jan Hasselman plans to file for summary judgement the next day,  giving the government 3 weeks to respond. Focus is on 2 things: lack of an environmental review regarding oil spill risks, & the violation of the army corps trust responsibility to look out for 1850s treaty rights & special concerns. Something that puts the Missouri River, drinking water for 17 million people, at risk cannot be done in a casual or haphazard way, & that is exactly what has happened here. EnergyTransfer Partners (ETP) are responsible for 69  oil spills in 2015 & 2016. To build a pipeline deep underneath the Missouri River is not a typical or a standard thing; there is no way of assessing the risks. This is one of the longest directional drills under fresh water in the world. Jan Hasselman asserts President Trump is invested in ETP to the tune of $100,000. He says ” If we don’t prevail there will be appeals; the government made the right decision mid December & it is only in the last week or 2 that they reversed course”


TYT Politics 8:03

Video #2

Around 20 snowmobiles & 10 military ATV vehicles surround Oceti & Last Child camp – some wind interference & footage of car interior!

    Angie Spencer’s live commentary from Standing Rock: about 20 snowmobiles and about 10 military ATV vehicles approached at Oceti Camp / Last Child camp creating a perimeter part circle of 180 degrees around the camps. Morton County Police Department continued to harrass and terrorize Native Americans on their own Treaty Land. The Grandmas, the Uncis were refusing to leave.

Angie Spencer on Facebook – 23.41


Video #3

Police Incursion, with snow mobiles at Sacred Stone camp, 9.30am with eye witness account. Some wind sound interference –

   DAPL announces they will have the Pipeline completed under the river within 30 days or Less! Day 5 of Drilling today! Police got within 100 yards of Sacred Stone Camp on snowmobiles and side by sides this morning around 9:30AM! Showing you how close that is and with commentary from an eye witness to the incursion. 

Johnny Dangers, Facebook – 18:44



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