1-4-2017 (needs more content and labels)

1/4/17 Steve’s statement of non-cooperation that he read prior to entering the courthouse and grand jury proceeding: My name is Steve Martinez. I have been subpoenaed to this federal grand jury. I refuse to cooperate with these proceedings on the grounds of not helping opposition towards water protectors. I will in no way condone or cooperate with this attempt to repress the movement here at Standing Rock. I know that by refusing to cooperate I will most likely be incarcerated. The loss of my own freedom is a small price to pay for keeping my dignity and standing up for what is right- the defense of the earth and all that is sacred. Mni Wiconi! Water Protector Anti-Repression Crew 0.39


NEW 1/4/17  Today, water protectors are resisting the grand jury trial of Steve Martinez. Join us for a rally at 12:30pm at the district court house in Bismarck, ND.  Grand juries have been both historically and currently used as repressive tactics to target activists and those engaged in political movements. The purpose of these grand juries is to create fear and paranoia, cause division, and manufacture prisoners of war.  They are secret proceedings- but we are watching closely and support all water protectors to assert their rights and refuse to be intimidated by the state.  Water Protector Anti-Repression Crew


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