9-7-2016: Bismarck Water Ceremony & Missouri River Canoe Launch (NEEDS LABELS)

9/7/16:  Water Protectors from all over the world gather for a 2 day paddle to Sacred Stone Camp from Bismarck, many in traditional canoes.  Water Protectors also share their reasons for journeying so far to “Stand with Standing Rock”.  Pre-launch, the protectors performed a Water Ceremony, pouring the waters of their homelands into the mighty Missouri River.

Samuel Sprynczynatyk (video length 2:45):


9/7/16:  Pre-launch Intro:

(video length 8:10):



9/7/16:  Warm Springs, OR captains’ meeting.

(video length 0:16):




(video length 2:32):




(video length 1:18):



9/7/16:  Prayer and Launch.

(video length 1:15;23):



9/7/16:  Paddling under a bridge.

Duane Kuntz  (video length 1:22):



9/7/16:  Paddle Launch.

(video length 2:41):



9/7/16:  Caught in a storm.

Dell Hambleton  (video length 0:39):



9/7/16:  Paddle to Standing Rock – Launch

Ben Lawver  (video length 14:31):

9/7/16:  Before launch at #NoDAPL paddle for Standing Rock.

(video length 51:22)

9/7/16 (pub 9/9/16): Pre-launch.

– NDN (video length 52:16):

9/7/16:  Before the paddle – update and info.

(video length 3:30):

9/7/16: 16 photos by Dell Hambleton of the wet day on the Missouri River.


30 photos of the day by Walter Ruiz:

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