8-17-2016 Drone footage of pipeline, Prayer walk and horses to the frontlines


Video #1:

Dakota Access Pipeline Rally: Strong Words,  video of walk to access road, and honor song by John Eagle Sr. SRST Historic Preservation Officer.

 KOLC TV (video length 5:44):


Video #2:

OYATE Media Network broadcasts the vast amount of Water Protectors who have gathered. Viewers can her singing and drumming as the cameraman drives past all who have come to stand in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Oyate Media Network (video length 0:49):


Video #3:

The beginning of Oceti Sakowin CampSacred Stone Camp was so full that incoming Water Protectors had to set up a new camp.

Sacred Stone Camp (video length 0:07)


Video #4:

Horses on the way to the front lines. Johnny Dangers shows the Cannonball River, a river that flows into the Missouri River – the river that Water Protectors had gathered to protect.

Johnny Dangers (video length 0:36)


Video #5:

Hundreds of Water Protectors gather at the front lines to stand in opposition of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Johnny Dangers (video length 0:21)


Article #1:

A notice sent out by the ND Department of Transportation stating that ND Highway 1806 would be closed to southbound traffic – an attempt to stop traffic to and from the camps and the construction site location.

Red Warrior Society 


Photo #1:

“Holding the line… #NODAPL” An image of Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota people standing on the frontlines with sacred items, in defense of this cause.

Honor The Earth photo.



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