2-4-2017: (Need Paragraph Summaries & more content)

Video #1:

Scene of the crime, after the fact.

– Johnny Dangers 6:14

Video #2:

     LaDonna BraveBull Allard questions tribe entering her land.

– TYT Politics

Video #3:

Frank White Bull from SRSTribal Council enters SSC.

– Tawasi 0:16


Videos No Longer Working listed below:

Video #4:

BIA Police come onto LaDonna’s land and violently attack and arrest unarmed water protectors at Sacred Stone Prayer camp at Standing Rock. Share if this police abuse is unacceptable! Call BIA and ask all 3 Water Protectors to be released.

– Will Barton 1:53

Video #5:

Testimony of folks released from jail after Last Child’s Camp arrests.

– Mike Fasig

Article #1:

Last Child Camp Warriors released from jail.

– BS Norell blogspot


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