Wrongful Evictions Against Water Protectors @ Standing Rock – Archive:

    According to our research, people at “Oceti Sakowin Camp“, “Sacred Stone“, “Black Hoop”, “Rosebud/Sicangu”, and “Seventh Generation Camp” all faced what is known as a “wrongful evictions“.

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    Below is a complete chronology of all evictions.  Each article, press release, video, or set of photos has the name of the camp the information is associated located in front.  This section is in-the-making.

10-23-2016 – 1851 Treaty Camp

  • Water protectors reclaim unceded treaty land and set up new camp
  • Drones shot at

11-25-2016 – Oceti Sakowin Camp

11-26-2016 – Oceti Sakowin Camp

Article: Indian Country Today Media Network, “Army Corps Issues Eviction Notice to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe” by Jenny Monet:

Army Corps Issues Eviction Notice to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Video: Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault responds to Army Corps Eviction Notice:

Video:  Standing Rock responds to Army Corps’ eviction notice:

– Uprising TV (video length 41:31)



Press Release:  Oceti Sakowin Camp issues: “HOLDING TO SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS; Alleged ‘Non-Lethal’ weapons lead to serious injuries to Water Protectors”


  • ND State Governor Dalrymple Orders Emergency Evacuation for All Camps, citing “Harsh Winter Conditions”


Press Release: Oceti Sakowin Camp issues “SOVEREIGN CREED, A Response to Alleged Concerns Raised in the Governor’s Eviction Notice”


Press Release:  Citing “extreme weather conditions”, SRST Chairman Dave Archambault urges all non-members of the SRST to leave

1-5-2017– All Camps

  • Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council Meeting: discussion about Cannonball District’s Motion to Remove Camps and concerns about flooding & trash flowing into the river

1-20-2017:- Sacred Stone Camp

1-24-2017 – Sacred Stone Camp

  • Sacred Stone Camp founder, LaDonna Brave Bull, Refuses to Close her Water Protector Camp

2-2-2017 – Sacred Stone Camp

  • Several Federal Agents & Tribal council Member Trespass into Sacred Stone Camp without a Warrant

2-3-2016 – Sacred Stone Camp

2-4-2017 – Sacred Stone Camp

  • Interview w/ LaDonna Brave Bull re: the Trespass onto her Land by Federal Agents on Feb. 2,
  • BIA Agents Injure 2 Water Protectors outside Sacred Stone

2-23-2017 – Oceti Sakowin Camp

Video #1:

     Oceti Eviction Meeting w/ Army Corps Officer Levi Bachmeier by Anthony Diggs: preparing Water Protectors for forced removal prior to the actual ousting:

Video #2 – Oceti Sakowin Camp

     Mary K. Johnson of Oceti Sakowin Camp Media shows line of over 100 law enforcement & security firm vehicles lining up to drive into camp:

Video #3: Unicorn Riot provides perhaps the most detailed coverage of the forced removal of Water Protectors:


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