10-3-2016: LaDonna Brave Bull Testifying at the U.N., 111 Car Caravan Stops Construction, Rally, Governor’s Debate

Video #1:

    LaDonna Brave Bull Allard addresses the United Nations in regard to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights being violated by The Dakota Access Pipeline.  She states that DAPL is also in violation of The United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People, The Ft. Laramie Treaty of 1868, & unresolved land claims.  She asks for the declarations and treaties to be enforced, and for the immediate stop to the construction of the DAPL.  Allard requests a U.N. observer and media team to be permanently placed at Standing Rock, and for the immediate protection of the land, & indigenous people who live there.

(video length 4:48)


Video #2:

    Five DAPL Sites Shut Down by a 111-car caravan shutting down DAPL:  Footage of the caravan on the road, & report from the caravan stating victory: “The peaceful direct action stopped the construction of the pipeline and sent workers home for the day.”

by Red Warrior Camp  (video length 1:03):

Video #3:

    “Everyone here is a prayer answered by your ancestors:  Video from camp reporting success of the caravan, showing the militarized police forces, protectors monitoring the 20 mile buffer zone, no arrests, joyful report back rally.

by Red Warrior Camp  (video length 1:39):

Video #4:

   Joye Braun brings it:  Peaceful Protectors disrupt the North Dakota Governors Debate. Protectors demand the land & water be protected, chanting Mini Wiconi, water is life!  The majority of the attendees at the debate are part of the peaceful action. The leader of the action calmly leaves after police enter.

(video length 1:09):

Video #5:

    Rally outside of the North Dakota Governor’s Debate. Dallas Goldtooth reports from outside the venue.  Goldtooth interviews Protectors about the debate, the direct actionand concerns about the pipeline in North Dakota and other states along the Missouri River.  The crowd chants and celebrates their successful peaceful action.

by Dallas Goldtooth live (video length 14:46):

Video #6:

   “Standing Rock Update”:  This short film begins with shots of the camp at Standing Rock and some of the 111 cars that were used to help shut down work sites on October 3, 2016. A water protector speaking to many others who are gathered for a rally at the camp explains that they were successful in shutting down 5 work sites and cost the DAPL project hundreds of thousands of dollars. The protector communicates that they need to continue coming together from all four corners and giving a voice to and protecting other living things, as well as the water. He says this is a “victory for the water.” The film cuts to shots of the very large crowd that has gathered for the rally, and they chant: “Whose water? Our water.”

by Todd Darling (video length 2:28):


10/3/16:  “Toxic Tour”, Governor’s Debate Disruption, and Water Protectors in Court

by Unicorn Riot



10/3/16:  Photo of line of cars, four (five?) sites shut down without leaving vehicles

by Oyate Media Network


10/3/16:  10 photos of 111 cars and 500 people touring DAPL sites and shutting down work

Red Warrior Camp

10/3/16:  Drive-By DAPL Protest through Morton County Halts Construction for Over Two Hours





10/3/16:  North Dakota Gubernatorial Debate

– Rob Wilson‘s photos


Kandi MossetIndigenous Environmental Network, 6 photos


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