11-3-2016 (needs labels)

Clergy in Bismarck; Arrest and Release; Lockdowns

    Clergy arrested during prayer ND state capital

Ethan Buckner live – IRM(video length 1:00:58)

 500 Clergy Come to Standing Rock after a week of violence.

Indigenous Rising Media (video length 2:18)

    4 clergy arrested praying outside governor’s mansion in Bismarck, plus one catch and release.

Johnny Dangers (video length 44:09)

    Arrested and released because the water protectors all demanded it.

 – Sacred Stone Camp (video length 3:10)

    Aggressive police try to make excuses and interview Eddie Carmona with La Red PICO

Thomas H. Joseph II (video length 6:00)

    Bishop Dwayne Royster with PICO National Network

– Thomas H. Joseph II (video length 13:07)

    Governor’s House

– Thomas H. Joseph II (video length 18:59)

    Clergy locked down in ND State Capitol

– Thomas H. Joseph II (video length 19:44)

    State capitol prayer circle

– Thomas H. Joseph II (video length 19:44)

    Sara Long Arrested in Peaceful Protest at Capitol

Sara Long (video length 22:38)

    Clergy in Bismarck; one person under arrest.

Thomas H. Joseph II (video length 13:06)

   Clergy locked down in ND State Capitol

Thomas H. Joseph II (video length 39:08)

    Arrests imminent at sit in at ND State Capitol after clergy were denied entrance to the governor’s office. Interfaith prayer circle happening outside.

Ethan Buckner (video length 1:00:58)

    Clergy speak with officers at front line, W.H.Birdshead narrates.  500+ clergy and allies from across the world gathered at Standing Rock to pray and show their solidarity with the water protectors.  No more doctrine of discovery.  We are indigenous.

Indigenous Life Movement  (video length 6:21)

       Words of peace with over 500 clergy

Jesse Lopez (video length 5:02)

    Information about the 1434 Papal Bull Doctrine of Discovery.  At the end of the video, clergy says they are repudiating the doctrine of discovery, and that it is symbolic.

Myron Dewey with Digital Smoke Signals (video length 48:08)

    Photos and post about repudiation of doctrine of discovery.

Mary K. Johnson

    Clergy take it to the streets.

– Thomas H. Joseph II (video length 2:07)

    Video Slideshow Clergy at Oceti Sakowin

Josue Rivas with Indigenous Rising Media (video length 0:30)

    Flyover of Religious Leaders at 1806 Barricade.

– Josue Rivas with Indigenous Rising Media (video length 1:14)

    Churches in Solidarity at Standing Rock – Bishop and churches across the country and the world.

Myron Dewey

    Walking Back from the Protection on 1806 Where 500+ people gathered to Pray

Eric Poemz (video length 20:15)

    Walking back to camp.

Eric Poemz (video length 11:46)

    At backwater bridge, group on bridge and large circle – clergy maybe?

Mike Fasig (video length 0:16)

    Myron Dewey set up drone, W.H.Birdshead explain how trying to find sniper illegally shooting at drones

Indigenous Life Movement (video length 1:31)

W.H. Birdshead + Chairman H.Frazier, C.Frazier met w/ Col.Henderson of ACE, wrote letter for C.H. to step down

– Indigenous Life Movement (video length 3:18)

11/3/16 drone footage of DAPL work progress

Indigenous Rising Media (video length 4:24)


    Barbed wire between road and DAPL route – possibly route 6?

Rod Webber (video length 1:06)

    Cop boat shows up.

Sara Long (video length 0:08)

    Police Gathering on turtle island bank.

Sara Long (video length 1:08)

    Col Henderson dodges questions.

Sacred Stone Camp (video length 4:43)

    Footage of Erin Shrode being needlessly shot during interview with water protector.

Erin Schrode (video length 0:37)

Frontlines – Snipers shooting at drones; Harold Frazier meeting with Col. Henderson of ACE

11/3/16 Stand Up for your Rights – RWC 5:51

Post about Doctrine of Discovery and its ramifications – Whiteney Rencountre


11/3/16 – Live video of videographers dealing with snipers shooting at drones, etc. at frontlines – ILM: 33:46

Clergy stand with standing rock – 1 photo – Jay O’hara


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