Sept. 25-30 2016: Prayer Ties Covering Construction Equipment, Corn Planting Ceremony in Obama’s “No Work Order” Zone, Paramilitary Raid Ends in Unexpected Handshakes, Aircraft Spraying, Myron Dewey Trails Undercover Camp Infiltrators


  • Hundreds of Prayer Ties attached to Construction Equipment
  • Beautiful Corn Planting Ceremony in Path of Pipeline within Obama’s “No Work Order” Zone
  • Low Flying Aircraft
  • Myron Dewey Trails Undercover Camp InfiltratorsFAA Violations
  • False Reports by Law Enforcement




 Prayers @ Three Sites, DAPL Construction Halts, Shaking Hands w/ Officers


  • Paramilitary Raid Interrupts Honor Song @ DAPL Site where Obama Ordered No Building
  • Chemicals Sprayed from Plane
  • LRAD, Bearcat, & other heavy military equipment present
  • Water Protectors Unexpectedly Shake Hands with Officers, led by unidentified woman

Sara Long at active DAPL site  117, Suspicious Activity Recorded

Flyover of work on pipe by Highway 6, inside the 20-mile “stop-work” zone,  Oglala Youth run from Kyle to Oceti Sakowin Camp


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