1-17-2017 #NoDAPL Archive (needs labels)

1/17/17 Backwater Bridge Again – Standing for opening of the bridge – Why is the bridge not open?

NEW 1/17/17 Early in day, showing what officers and equipment are at the bridge – Julie Kury 47:03

1/17/17 At bridge, daytime – Julian Rodriguez Jr. 12:49

1/17/17 Singing at the bridge – Julian Rodriguez Jr. 16:58

1/17/17-1/18/17 (early morning) – Julian Rodriguez Jr.

1/17/17 Just passing thru the bridge at midnight – powerful prayer songs at end, no drum – Steven Jeffrey Chrisjohn 49:26 ####

1/17/17 Backwater Bridge – Antoine Edwards Jr. 34:19

Part 2. Backwater bridge – with testimony/interview on why we are here – Antoine Edwards Jr. 21:43

1/17/17 (At the bridge)- Angela Ohmer 25:30

1/17/17 Continuing livestream footage with our fellow water protectors on BACKWATER BRIDGE! #nodapl #standingrock #waterislife – with explanation about being out on this public road to have the road open to the public – with songs of prayer – Blake Fitzgerald 35:20

1/17/17 (pub. 1/18/17) Two videos – Nataani Means

NEW 1/17/17 water protectors attacked on MLK day, rubber bullets/ tear gas- Steven Jeffrey Chrisjohn 1:11


1/17/17 Time (with circling up at end) – Steven Jeffrey Chrisjohn 10:00

1/17/17 Frontline action: Water Protecters on the hill Praying. Photo of gal with stuffed animal and National Guard – Michael Czeponis

1/17/17 Over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, indigenous-led resistance to pipelines continued all across Turtle Island.. Water Protectors Across America Resist 4 Pipelines over MLK Holiday – Sacred Stone Camp

1/17/17 (pub. 1/19/17) There were reactions to substances sprayed on Water Protectors on this night:
Waniya Locke – posted ~7am PT – near Mandan, ND – “Two nights ago, I went to the bridge to help with crowd control. I was dusted by this substance. It was a typical eyes burning, lungs burning, but afterwards about 30 minutes later. My body contoured and cramped up. I was like that for the rest of the night. It was not until in the morning, I was talking to my fellow water protectors did I discovered we all had the same experience… We think it is a nerve vine, to make us stop.”

NEW 1/17/17 photos of action on 1/16/17 – OSC page

NEW 1/17/17 Testimony of day from – Mike Fasig “End of day lost 3 friends” 59:05


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