July 2016 – Shailene Woodley & Ezra Miller join Campaign, Youth Runs 2000 miles to DC, Campaign Grows

     A message from Shailene Woodley and Ezra Miller and a Call for Help! #RezpectOurWater
(video length 1:32)


     Our youth begin their 2000 mile run to Washington D.C. Prayers for a safe trip.

(video length 0:11) 

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Oceti Sakowin Youth and Allies / Relay Run  

(video length 1:33)

(Photo by Steven J. Sitting Bear)


Run For Your Life: A Run to D.C.   – Good footage on the run

(video length 5:15)


Youth Runners in Tama, Iowa (Meskwakwi Nation)

(video length 0:58)


Eagle released at SSC

Wiyaka Eagleman (video length 0:33)

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Running for our lives

Drone2bWild (video length 6:58)

7-30-2016 (pub. 8-11-2016):

    Interview with two runners on their way to D.C. (more on post)  

Johnny Dangers (video length 3:37)

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