12-5-2016 (needs labels- {only video #1 described})


 Video #1
Veterans and Water Protectors March on Bridge”
By Unicorn Riot  (video length 7:39)

Description: Veterans marching on the bridge during the blizzard of 12-5-2016. Video and audio both very garbled. At the beginning of the only relatively discernable section (from about 1:04 to about 2:17), Unicorn Riot videographer narrates: “We are on the bridge right now, live. You ARE in a plastic bag, I apologize, it’s the best I can do at this moment.” Videographer then walks toward a crowd of over 200 water protectors. From 1:55 to 2:10, tribal and national flags can be seen above the crowd and heard snapping as they are whipped fiercely by the blizzard winds.

Categories: Demonstrations & Ceremonies


12 Veterans, in blizzard, pray at 1806 Backwater Bridge

    Veterans March on 1806 Bridge

Unicorn Riot (video length 29:07)

    Vets make a stand in the blizzard

Unicorn Riot (video length 1:05)

    Veterans supporting the prayer

Alison Fast (video length 1:06)

    Veteran on a horse addressing the other veterans – Wood or Clark?

Alison Fast (video length 0:36)

    Veterans at bridge; song; and, report on DAPL still intending to drill (Artie, Lakota People’s Law Project)

Rod Webber (video length 6:23)

   The blizzard hit. The veterans were at the front. The water protectors braved the cold. Powerful prayers.

Wab Kinew (video length 0:36)

    About 3000 Veterans walked over to the barricade on Hwy 1806 and peacefully prayed

Josue Rivas Fotographer (video length 0.14)

    Backwater Bridge with Vets in a snowstorm

Angie Spencer (video length 14:04)

   Veterans seek forgiveness

Fusion (video length 1:43)

    Veterans, including Wes Clark Jr., bowed and asked Native elders for forgiveness.

Salon (video length 1:51)


    An incredible moment of healing at Standing Rock: Hundreds of veterans ask Native elders for forgiveness.

Our Revolution (video length 2:45 – Good footage)


    Veterans apologize to indigenous on behalf of U.S. Army at Standing Rock

True Activist

Veterans Apologize To Indigenous On Behalf Of U.S. Army At Standing Rock [Watch]







    Photo – the Forgiven

Standing Rock Rising

     Veterans ask for Indigenous Forgiveness

Jon Eagle, Sr


    Maori man performs haka on frontline in North Dakota

AJ+ (video length 1:13)

Creating Clarity from Chaos