2-3-2017 (Needs paragraph summaries)

Video #1:

    CHASE IRON EYES RELEASED FROM MORTON COUNTY JAIL. Chase explains the state of the NoDAPL struggle. He and one other water protector have been charged with “inciting a riot,” a class C felony with a maximum sentence of 5 years. Chase has used only peaceful means to defend our water, climate, and treaty rights. The police state in North Dakota is using the law to crush valid protest and resistance. PLEASE STAND WITH US! The law is a sacred body of principles, not a cudgel to destroy inspired action. DONATE HERE to defend Chase and other water protectors:

– Lakota People’s Law Project (video length 7:41) 

Video #2:

     Live here at the corrupt courthouse of mandan with Chase IronEyes, Vanessa Castle, & TheYoungTurks

– Shiye Bidziil 19:37

Article #1:


Videos not working- need tracked down:

     Vanessa Castle’s statement upon release from jail

– LPLP 1:47


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