11-6-2016 (need labeled & formatted)

11/6/16 Frontlines – hill and bridge
11/8/16 One does not sell the earth people walk on-IRM 5:57
11/6/16 Describing that various frontlines – the hill and the north gate – Atsa E’sha Hoferer 1NTV 3:53

11/6/16 Discusses direct action at Cannonball River – Eric Poemz 8:47

11/6/16 On the s. side of Turtle hill -Today at Cannonball River!! They shot over 6 cans of gas at us but we r all ok!! – Eric Poemz 1:20

11/6/16 Trying to Protect the Sacred burial site, over 60 police in Riot gear but we all made it back across safe!! – Eric Poemz 2:13

11/6/16 Reclaim Turtle Island near C.ball river, Josue Rivas Fotographer – IRM – 0:30
11/6/16 Xhopakelxhit of Ancestral Pride and Chairman Fred Hampton Jr of the Black Panther Party Cubs at Standing Rock – IROAL 0:56

11/6/16 Water protectors crossing over to get to the gravesite hill that DAPl etc is on, Tear Gas Fired – Johnny Dangers 43:25
11/6/16 Water protector hit with tear-gas (launcher?) (cannister?) at Standing Rock – Rod Webber 7:26

11/6/16 Tense standoff at Standing Rock after Semi Truck comes to clear bridge – w/ Dallas Goldtooth commentary – Rod Webber 7:49

11/6/16 Early Sunday: Water Protectors Were Tear Gassed by Police During Attempt to Reclaim Sacred Burial Site. – Unicorn Riot 2:08

11/6/16 Story and more photos – Turtle Island and Bismarck Cemetary – Unicorn Riot
NEW 11/6/16 (maybe) (pub. 11/12/16) Sorry for late Share !! I didn’t realize I has this Video, Protectors were hit with Pepper Spray and Tear Gas!! I got a lil upset in Video, I apologize but this was the day after DAPL almost killed me and other Water Protectors by Spraying us over and over!! – Eric Poemz 2:40

11/6/16 3 photos – Turtle hill – Sacheen Seitcham

11/6/16 Forgiveness Action in Mandan
11/4/16 Forgiveness march to Morton County Police Station planned for 11/6/16 – Lyla June 3:43

11/6/16 Forgiveness march and prayer circle – Gary LaPointe 55:12

11/6/16 Near police department now. Gave an officer a hug. Forgiveness for DAPL/Morton Co.- Prolific the Rapper 45:58

11/6/16 (posted 11/8/16) Beautiful post about the Forgiveness walk and circle (over 700 people came!), and photo – Lyla June

11/6/16 (posted 11/7/16 ) 14 photos from Mandan – Indigenous Communities Marched and circled the Morton County Sheriff’s, PD and Courthouse buildings offer prayers in forgiveness – Sara LittleRedfeather Kalmanson

NEW 11/6/16 Peaceful prayer march for forgiveness in Mandan – Sara Long 1:06:30

11/6/16 Cemetary Action in Bismarck – What if they dug up YOUR ancestors?
11/6/16 Fairview Cemetery, Bismarck, ND – Josue Rivas Fotographer – RWC 1:02:16
11/6/16 Story and more photos – Turtle Island and Bismarck Cemetary – Unicorn Riot
11/5/16 Meme How would youlike it if dapl dug out your ancestors?- RWC

NEW 11/6/16 Mandan N.D solidarity people prayer – Cempoalli Twenny 1:01

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