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Video #1

Close up footage of drone shot by police.

    BB pellet damage to lens & body of the drone is shown to the camera, with commentary.

subcategory – everything drone related

Indigenous Media Rising, Facebook – 1.37


Video #2

Prayer Walks Today – Women and Vets
with Kandi Mossett: joining the women’s march

    Wind audio interference & also visual (rain?) distortion. These improve later. Kandi notes the airplane can be heard above. 4.11 Plane visible after 9.11 (:-( !!) & is noisy! Some visual & audio interference towards the end.

sub category – all aircraft & potential f.a.a. violations (?) 

Indigenous Environmental Network, Facebook – 11:38


Video #3

400 nations women’s prayer walk on the bridge over the Cannonball River on highway 1806

    “Interviews with some elders including a Lakota story.
Including a walk through the peaceful unarmed prayerful water protectors camp at Oceti Sakowin Camp.” With some interference of both audio & visual.

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Kevin Gilbertt, Facebook – 1:19:22


Video #4

Women’s march on the bridge over the Cannonball River on highway 1806

    Close up footage with singing & drumming.

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Lakota People’s Law Project, Facebook – 7:11


 Video #5

Police on Sacred Hill on Turtle Island, @ nighttime.

    “Police descended to the left of the Sacred Hill on Turtle Island and yelled on the Bullhorn. Police went back up the hill and turned one spotlight off.” Some wind interference making it hard to hear what is being said, & it’s also very dark in places, especially towards the end.

sub category –

Johnny Dangers, Facebook – 11:23


Video #6

“Video shows Morton County shooting at DRONE and shooting percusion grenades into the crowd. ” Also water cannon footage.

subcategory – everything drone related

Digital Smoke Signals, Facebook – 0.40



Video # 7

Women’s Silent March to Backwater Bridge –

    Soundtrack with Lyla June’s All Nations RIse song & commentary 

sub category –

Mirrors and Hammers Productions, Facebook & YouTube – 4:26


additional link on YouTube –


Video #8

Cheryl Angel, Sicangu/Oohenumpa Water Protector speaks & leads the Women’s Prayer Walk onto the bridge. 

    Silent Prayer walk with drum. Compilation video with footage of Cheryl Angel speaking & still photos. “This is nonviolence in action.” 

sub category –

Telesur, Vimeo – 3:22


Article #1

Women walk and hold space 

    Article about the women’s Prayer March, & vigil, on the bridge over the Cannonball River on highway 1806  “Starhawk was with us.”

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Oceti Sakowin Camp website



Article with Photos #1

2 photos of women’s silent walk to bridge, and comments

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Victory Lundquist, Facebook



Article #2

Reuters article posted 28th November with photos from 27th

    “U.S. authorities said on Sunday they had no plans to forcibly remove activists protesting plans to run an oil pipeline beneath a lake near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota, despite telling them to leave by early December.”

sub category –

Reuters media article


Article #3

Starhawk visits Standing Rock – November 27th posted December 2nd

    “The march through camp was beautiful—although at a faster pace than I would have preferred.  Cheryl Angel was very determined to have a silent, prayerful action, and people were very good about holding the container of silence. “

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Starhawk’s website –

Thanksgiving at Standing Rock



Facebook Event –


    “Global #NoDAPL Month of Action – Find a Target. Take Action. EVeryday of December.”

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#NoDAPL Month of Action – Facebook event



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11/27/2016 – Prayer ceremony at Turtle Island -Trey Davenport 0:09


11/27/2016 – Around 200 water protectors are in a silence prayer at Hwy 1806. This is the same place where law enforcement used excessive force last week. Great photo

Indigenous Rising Media

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Creating Clarity from Chaos