2-16-2017 (needs sub categories)

Video #1

New barricades close to North Gate. Moreton County militarised police present. Discussions & high tensions with 1st Nation people. Some generator noise interference.

Suggestion of opening up Highway 1806 in order to clear the debris from the camp. The road should never have been closed. Good footage of barricades & giant lights designed to ‘blind’ the water protectors & make it hard for them to see the Police. (Moreton County militarised police) Ongoing negotiations for cooperation to get the cleanup done. John Bigelow & HolyElk Lafferty, & others, in discussions with USACE person. Meeting arranged for the next day. Footage of Officers, tanks & militarised vehicles surrounding the camps & these Sacred Hills, including Turtle Island, where the ancestral graves are, (the deceased are relatives of some of the water protectors present at camp,)  as well as footage of the giant lights placed there. Footage of peaceful interaction at the barricades & of a new white helicopter with a blue tail in the sky.

sub category – Ancestral burial sites desecrated.

Angie Spence, Facebook – 26.15


Video #2

Very short video with questions asked about the location of an imminent Press conference –

    Click on the link for article on “Transparency & Communication” & report (no video evidence) of snowmobiles from the North of camp, the DAPL work area, coming into camp in formation, following an unannounced pre-preliminary assessment from the Army Corps, DAPL, and the EPA conducted at the Medics center. 

Oceti Sakowin Camp, Facebook – 37 seconds


Video #3

Walking peacefully across the bridge over the Cannonball River. 

Toni Cervantes, Facebook – 1.52 


Video #4

Chase Iron Eyes addresses the water protectors.

    Chase speaks about Human & other rights violated, about upholding the 1868 Treaty, & calls for all the relevant tribes to support the water protectors. He explains that everyone is autonomous & there is no hierarchy. The authorities are constantly attempting to target the ‘leaders’ & may try to get him arrested & put in prison; he reminds people there are no leaders, & says it is not possible to comply with the eviction deadlines.

sub category – civil rights violations

Dustin Thompson, Facebook – 4.37


Video #5

Meeting with Ladonna Allard about the upcoming eviction. Sound variable.

     Ladonna speaking about the possibility of being evicted off her own lands, to which she has all the deeds. She expresses concerns about this eviction. It appears the Bureau of Indian Affairs, (BIA) have lost their copies of these deeds, so a record search needs to be requested. The evacuation may be ordered for the 19th February. There is a possibility that people at Scared Stone camp will be charged with trespass. Ladonna says this is illegal, these are her lands, she asks what about the Treaties? Later that day she is due to meet with the BIA. 

sub category – civil rights violations

Aubree Peckham, Facebook – 13.38


Video #6

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) serving an eviction letter citing trespass

     BIA official presenting the eviction letter, escorted by the police. Tribal members commenting includes “You have no jurisdiction here if no law has been broken, 4th amendment. You are violating our constitutional rights, you have no authority” A question is a seed about the law regarding air space as a helicopter can be heard close over head. Myron Dewey lists the authorities present & then he reads out the letter, showing the co-ordinates (?) to the camera. He says this is an important moment in history. The letter suggests evidence that the order to evict is in error will be listened to. Myron mentions as well, the drone that was shot out of the sky. He says both pads are working as are the drills. Then Tina LeClaire shared: Earlier people had been sent to do an evaluation of the flood risk & logistics of the eviction, these people were asked for ID, they had maps & aeriel photographs, & the  Army Corps engineers were asked if they would be calling in law enforcement officers on February 22nd to arrest people & to support the eviction & the answer, eventually, was “Yes, they would” Ladonna said the Army Corps have never before helped with any flood plain issues! She also said the floods are not likely to come in February, nor in early March, so it really doesn’t make any sense to push this eviction on us now. Brief footage of the veterans who had arrived recently.

Sub category – civil rights violations 

Digital smoke Signals, Facebook – 24.28

Article #1

Camp Updates and Water Protector Concerns

Unexpected arrival of the Army Corps, they met with the Medics & brought DAPL, EPA. & barricades were moved closer to camp breaking a promise to move them further away. The bridge was supposed to be opened too. There is a definite lack of communication from law enforcement. BIA are positioning to control traffic re.11am meeting by Rosebud/Sicangu camp.

Oceti Sakowin Camp, Facebook

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