8-13-2016: Actress Shailene Woodley interviews, Waniya Locke commentaries

Video #1:

      “Not a lot of people are paying attention to this pipeline,” says Woodley as she stands in solidarity with the water protectors in North Dakota, stating that it is a “major atrocity being placed upon those living in Standing Rock Reservation… It’s not a matter of if this pipeline breaks, it’s a matter of when. The water of the Missouri River will be sacrificed.  Those living in the Standing Rock Reservation . It’s not just going to affect those in this area, it’s going to affect all human beings. I need to stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters. We have the technology for renewable energy, and we as a people have to stand together to demand that. I’m standing up for what’s right.” 

– Native Opinion (video length 1:58):

Video #2:

    Waniya Locke reports from ground zero at the easement, asking for prayers & support in the form of physical presence & donations to the gofundme page. “We’re protecting the water of ten million people,” she states, explaining they are using “non-violent direct action, & do not have weapons.”  She asks that all who come to uphold the Lakota and Dakota dignity, & to stand in solidarity with them in continuous prayer. “You cannot allow your emotions to control you.”


Waniya Locke (video length 4:42):

Video #3:

    Short video of Native people marching, drumming, & singing in ceremony.

– Waniya Locke (video length 0:12):

Video #4:

       Waniya Locke explains how the previous day was very intense, & how the people are continuing to stand “here at ground zero” & how people will continue to stand.

– Waniya Locke  (video length 2:33):

Video #5:

A report from Waniya Locke on the most recent events. She speaks on everyone standing in unity and solidarity as they decompress and stay focused on their goal to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline. She speaks on the beauty of the diversity of the camps, and how inspiring it is to her.

  –   Waniya Locke (video length 1:32):  

Video #6:

Waniya describing the daily life of camp life. You can hear traditional, cermonial singing and drumming in the background. “We are standing for the Missouri River, we are praying for the Missouri River, we are nonviolent.”

(video length 1:01):

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