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Video #1

Physical evidence: recovered explosive canisters & objects thrown by ‘police’ at Water Protectors.

    2 Water Protectors show the camera 2  Instantaneous Blast (CS) devices, one exploded, one not, the second one with black tape round it. (a possible terrorist offence ?) Both have number & initials on them. Wording on the back includes the words “for the deployment of chemical agents and smoke” Also a blue rubber dome shaped thing, a small bag of shot (?) & larger black dome shape possibly the top of a smoke canister (?) 

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Prolific the Rapper, Facebook – 5:59


Video #2

Drone Flyover to check drill pad 

    Reasonable video of the actual drill pad, but with some interference. Some close up footage looking at vehicles & their contents, then the video image freezes, with the commentator suggesting the drone has been shot at. Last image before it freezes there is a figure in the top right of the frame.

sub category – everything drone related

Indigenous Rising Media, Facebook – 2:25


Video #3

Prayer Gathering the day after Sophia Wilansky’s left arm was damaged severely – North checkpoint 1806, some visual interference 

     Kevin Gilbert driving on route to pray, the police presence, later on, Water Protectors walking down the road with many banners & signs at the front, various people praying, speaking & later singing. Many police cars with lights flashing. Noise of a helicopter overhead. Clearing the road, from 24.42, after a police officer over loud hailer demands people go bak to their vehicles. Towards the end we see some people holding mirrors. A woman sharing at the end of the footage about how the police caused a minor car accident.


Indigenous Rising Media – 49:57


Video #4

“Morton County Police entrap prayer gathering” –

    Footage of the demonstrators, walking in silence, at first, of police cars with lights flashing in the background & then later on a conversation between 1 policeman & a few of the Water Protectors 

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Thomas H. Joseph 2, Facebook – 41:57


Video #5

“Police harassment in Bismark” 

    Very brief footage from inside a vehicle, a policeman says “stay off (or on) the sidewalk please” ? 

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Thomas H.Joseph 2, Facebook – 0:31


Video #6

“Police harassment in Bismark”

    Police stopped & checking vehicle & getting the people in the vehicle to raise their hands, while people on the sidewalk are watching & filming. (Pro DAPL?) Police officer refused to give his name. Officer issues tickets for no insurance / no reg of vehicle etc.

sub category – officers failure to identify

 Thomas H. Joseph 2, facebook – 7:00


Video #7

“Sophia may lose her arm after she was struck at the #NoDAPL front lines.”

    Compiled video with clips, music, subtitles etc. of the story of Sophia being hit by possibly a concussion grenade, & facing 20 surgeries, & even possible amputation; includes her father speaking


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AJ+ on Facebook -1:04


Article #1

Power Imbalance at Pipeline Protest – NY Times

    “They drenched protesters with water cannons on a frigid night, with temperatures in the 20s. (Fahrenheit) According to protesters and news accounts, the officers also fired rubber bullets, pepper spray, concussion grenades and tear gas. More than 160 people were reportedly injured, with one protester’s arm damaged so badly she might lose it.”

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Article #2

Last week DNB Bank, the largest bank in Norway, sold off their shares in the companies behind DAPL. – No Dakota Access Pipeline Global Solidarity Campaign

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