12-4-2016 (needs labels)

    Mama truths

– Eryn Wise (video length 12:20)

    The best traffic jam in the world. Love and support pouring into camp. We love and appreciate all of you!

Sacred Stone Camp

    I believe in the good things coming

– Jose Rivas Fotographer 9:11

    Speaking to the vets

Tulsi Gabbard (video length 2:33)

    Victory at Standing Rock – drone footage with song

Matthias Scheer (video length 0:34)

    Watch as Native American girls give their honest reactions to #DAPL being halted.

Teen Vogue (video length 1:00)

​    Strong song

Maya Rose Berko (video length 0:40)

    Veterans at bridge – Army Specialist Joe DePalma posts a flag near barricade at 1806 Bridge

Rod Webber (video length 5:09)

    Small groups heading to 1806 bridge

Rod Webber (video length 12:37)

    Veterans at Standing rock barricade

Rod Webber (video length 2:34)

    Police to leave bridge at Standing rock

Rod Webber (video length 2:53)

    Vets talk on 1806 bridge

Rod Webber (video length 2:36)

    Heading to north gate bridge


    Interfaith Prayer Gathering – Various speakers – Cornell West, a Lakota Buddhist, a Bismarck Quaker and more.

Unify  (video length 1:17:54)

    Start of intros for Interfaith Prayer – Cornell West

Alison Fast (video length 4:40)

    Arvol Looking Horse – Quick Intro

Alison Fast (video length 0:29)

    Spiritual leaders join the movement at Standing Rock

Mirrors & Hammers Productions (video length 2:53)

    DAPL Easement Denied, but the fight is not over. The Obama Administration announced that the US Army Corps would not grant Dakota Access LLC the last remaining easement it needs to drill under the Missouri River at Lake Oahe and complete construction of the pipeline.

Sacred Stone Camp


    Busloads of veterans coming to camp, 5,000 expected. Live feed.

Kandi Mossett IEN


    Standing Rock Cautiously Optimistic Following Denial of Easement For Dakota Access Pipeline

– OSC.org, The Real News


Atsa E’sha Hoferer (video length 2:54)

Creating Clarity from Chaos