2-4-2017: Interview w/ LaDonna Brave Bull re: the Trespass onto her Land by Federal Agents on Feb. 2, BIA Agents Injure 2 Water Protectors outside Sacred Stone

Video #1:

     Jordan from TYT Politics interviews LaDonna Brave Bull regarding (at least one) tribal council member and federal agents entering onto her property without a warrant on 2-2-2017.  LaDonna claims she went to BIA office with her land title (3 acres), additional acreage that is held “in common” with her 5 brothers & sisters, & also a “10 acre deed” and a deed to the family cemetery.  She explains her brothers & sisters from Sisseton & other places did sell their acreage did have acreage on “tribal trust land” here.  She explains that those who didn’t‘ sell they still own approximately 120 acres of 317 acres of the land they hold in common, & that the BIA did not have two of the deeds on file & that they’re adding them on file.  

    Jordan explains that the spokesperson of the tribe told him that they gave permission to the federal agents to go in and that “LaDonna doesn’t ‘own’ the land – she has ‘trust’ in the land just as many others do including the Archambault family.”  LaDonna explains that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe owns tribal trust on the land but “that does not mean the Chairman owns land.”   She goes on to explain that the tribe didn’t have any standing to go onto the property & that they “Need a warrant” that has her name on it.  She explains that where the camp is located is not part of the floodplain and that it is not going to flood because everything is frozen.  LaDonna, longtime tribal historian, then compares the scenario to a time in 1890 when fur traders were demanding that the tribe must be “on the reservation” in the middle of winter.  

     She explains Sacred Stone is complying with Colonel Henderson’s demand letter to move Yurt Village.  She explains that the order by the Tribal Council that “only enrolled members can drive on the roads” is illegal.  She also explains “Donald Trump still doesn’t understand his position.”  

     She explains that the Tribe should not be fighting against the people who are standing up for them.  She explains that “We should be standing together to stop the construction of Dakota Access Pipeline on a unified front.”  She again explains it is “like when the fur traders were here” and “started gossip & rumor to divide the people.”  She encourages people to stand up for the water & also to “stand up for the tribe hoping they make better decisions & stand in a unified fashion with The People.

     Jordan asks if she suspects any of the rumors are true.  She explains people should not engage in rumors because in 1890 when they went into the Black Hills, in the time of Sitting Bull, there were rumors spread throughout the tribes in order to break up the unity, & that that is what she is witnessing happening here.  She explains that the “growing doubt” is what they want – that when you “stand up against a billion dollar industry, this is how they work.  They go into the communities & spread gossip & rumor.

      She explains that she will stand with “anyone who stands for the water”, & that Sacred Stone Camp will be a summer camp to teach people how to live sustainably with the Earth.  She explains that “Now is the time” where we can change and heal.  She explains “There are not leaders in this movement.  There are only people.

Video #2:

Will Barton:  “BIA officer violently attacked and arrested rnarmed Water Protectors at Sacred Stone Prayer Camp at Standing Rock.  Share if this Police Abuse is unacceptable! Call BIA and ask all 3 Water Protectors to be released.”

Toni Cervantes: Photos of officers present among the previous incident:

Toni Cervantes:  “The Feds and BIA force their way past Sacred Stone roadblock apparently to answer a call from a house.  Update: three water protectors were injured. One may have had an arm broken.”

Johnny Dangers:  Report after the fact  “BIA arrests and beats up 3 Water Protectors on LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard‘s land on road at Sacred Stone Camp!”

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe released the following statement re: “raiding the camps” & the safety of Water Protectors:



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