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1/12/17 Letting the Sacred Fire at the Oceti Sakowin Horn burn out, to be shared with the people in the four directions

1/12/17 Update from the Headsmen of the Oceti Sakowin. Today the Headsmen will let the sacred fire burn down and will carry the sacred ashes in the four directions to continue support and strengthen Water – Protectors – IRM 6:18

1/12/17 This is the statement that the Oceti Sakowin headsmen council gave earlier today at a press conference. It outlines the headsmen councils next steps in regards to the Oceti Sakowin fire at the #OcetiSakowin camp. It also encourages relatives to vacate the floodplain area of the camp to safer areas. – Dallas Goldtooth

Press Release pdf file:

1/12/17 First Nations Walkers are Welcomed into the Sacred Stone Camp at Standing Rock! The First Nation Walkers from Stanley Mission, Saskatchewan in Canada have arrived at Sacred Stone Camp after a 45 day 850 mile long journey through harsh conditions! Ricky Sanderson explains why he came to Standing Rock 5:20 into the video. Cheryl Angel welcomes Walkers 13:20 in. Honor Song on the Drums at 27:30 into the video. Johnny Dangers 34:21

1/12/17 Our Cheyenne relatives running along Hwy 385 in the He Sapa (Black Hills) Check out their website for more information. KILI Radio 90.1FM


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