2-20-2017: (Untransferred)

URGENT. My dear friends in Standing Rock sent me this video, produced by women, featuring women, and asked me to share it with you. Militarized law enforcement have now surrounded their camp. In less than 48 hours, at 2pm on THIS WEDNESDAY, law enforcement will raid the camp and arrest any water protectors who attempt to remain. THIS IS NOT OK. This is their treaty land. This is their water at stake. Water Protectors are asking media, supporters and those who can come to come NOW. Right now. Please pay attention & share their truths. Come if you can. This is the front line in the battle against#TrumpTyranny. – Shaun King 2:10

Hihanna waste everyone the weather is strange we have rain in February the snow is melting the ground sucking it up the moisture, the birds are coming back, already seen a robin yesterday. An eagle graced us with his present yesterday when we were praying, and his mate soon after. The birds are singing this morning. I think what month is this? What is happening to our world is anyone watching?
Does anyone care? I know right now is the time to stand up to change our world to make things better for the future. We are being distracted by the moving of camps and the attacks by the tribal council, and local districts on the water protectors, we are overwhelmed with gossip and lies by the communities, which were created by DAPL access to cause division. It is the same old story when you stand up against big money. You think it is simple common sense to protect the water but people each have their own agenda which goes back to their own trauma. My dream has always been unity and everyone standing together for the water. We have DAPL agent calling people homes to spread lies and threats that are confusing people and they laughing at us because doubt ourselves on what is true. As they write the history of this event where will your name be? Will it the one who made a motion to stop the protection of the water, will it be the one who spread gossip? Will it be The Who stood with the police? Will you go down as selling out the people? Or will you go down in history as the ones who stood up against injustice, or the ones who gave their lives and sacrifice for water? What is your history? What will the world remember? Your action are not hidden in recording history. I have no choice but to stand for the water. Where is your heart? Stop dakota Access pipeline- LaDonna BraveBull Allard

Dennis Banks’ call to peacefully witness people’s rights to pray on treaty land, be in camp by 2/21/17 – LPLP 1:39

Call for pipe carriers and sundancers, in camps if possible, elsewhere if not able to be in SR, for 2/15 prayers – Harold Frazier

More of Harold Frazier – Media Bridge Dispatch 23:49


Camp Update: Rain, Chairman Frazier, Ceremonial Tipi- OSC

Negotiation between Oceti and ACOE. Extension of deadline denied. Call the ACOE and register your complaint.- Toni Cervantes 31:59

(Video of USACE meeting)We need your help!!!!There is a lot of clean up being done in camp but they need more time past the 22 deadline. The army corps did an assessment and said work could not be done today because of so much mud but are still not giving more time to clean up camp. Please share this and have people contact army corps of engineers asking for more time and contact your local congress to ask them for help with this. They don’t want to be forcibly removed with violence and the camp wants to find closure in prayer?Acoe comment line 202-761-8700 – Inspire Bank Exits 1:49:19

Video of USACE and ND Gov. Rep. meeting) – On Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 2 pm indigenous and non-indigenous allies at #OcetiSakowin camp will be forcibly evicted from treaty land. #NoDAPL CALL The Army Corps (202) 761-8700- Michael Negro 41:12

Creating Clarity from Chaos