11-2-2016 (needs labels)

Video #1:
Front lines in the water – Turtle Island – Swimmers in river confrontation
Red Warrior Camp (video length 0:17)


Video #2:
Confrontation on Riverbank
by Red Warrior Camp (video length 0:08)


Video #3:
Police Line on the Other Side of the Water
by Cempoalli Twenny (video length 0:40)


Video #4:
To the Drum, We Are One Heartbeat (protectors crossing the bridge)
by Cempoalli Twenny (video length 2:19)


Video #5:

    Protectors at the bridge facing the police line. No identification on any of these officers or contractors. Mercenaries?  I was being interviewed and they shot at the reporter possibly aiming for me but a sista reporter was hit.

Cempoalli Twenny (video length 2:18)

Video #6:

    Protectors drumming, praying, and paddling a canoe to the bridge.

Cempoalli Twenny (video length 2:00)

Video #7:

    Protectors drumming and praying by the bridge across from the police line

Cempoalli Twenny (video length 1:05)

Video #8:

    Protectors singing and praying on the bridge across from the police line.

Cempoalli Twenny (video length 0:40)

Video #9:

    So moving to see these brave peaceful Water Protectors swimming the freezing cold river in November to talk to the armed, teargas spraying, “rubber” bullet (that is metal inside and can be lethal) shooting “Peace” Officers. We were there for four hours.  Today two of them turned in their badges! 

Feather Sherman (video length 0:17)

Video #10:

     NoDAPL Activists Experience Violence on the Water

Fusion (video length 1:21)

Video #11:

   A journalist at Standing Rock was shot by police for no reason, and caught the awful moment on video


Erin Schrode (video length 0:36)

Video #12:

    Protectors maced at burial site, 6 videos, 12 photos, short FB post.

Honor the Earth (video length 1:52)

Video #13:

    Part I, Today water protectors pray by the water near the DAPL construction site. Around 50 people were maced and one CNN contributor and congressional candidate was shot with a rubber bullet in the hip. More photos and videos coming out soon. We are indigenous and we are unafraid to report the truth.

Indigenous Rising MediaJosue Rivas (video length 0:28)

Video #14:

    Part 2 Water Protectors hold space on the water.

Indigenous Rising Media , Josue Rivas (video length 0:40)

Video #15:

    Water Ceremony met with violence.

Myron Dewey (video length 9:25)

Video #16:

    Police standing on burial grounds.

Myron Dewey (video length 1:48:07)

Video #17:

    Illegal search and seizure

Myron Dewey (video length 21:30)

Video #18:

    The way we get treated when we pray- with Josh Fox – Activists at the Dakota Access Pipeline won’t give up despite violent clashes with police

Now This (video length 1:18)

Video #19:

    Police pepper spray protectors headed to Turtle Island.

Paulette Moore (video length 2:49)

Video #20:

    Water Protectors/ police conflict / Erin Schrode shot by police at Standing Rock.

Rod Webber (video length 10:18)

Video #21:

    This morning on the banks of the Cannonball River Water Protectors gathered to pray and were met by OC Spray and less-than-lethal rounds by law enforcement officers.

Rob Wilson Photography (video length 0.19)

Video  #22:

    Warriors held a frontline! they faced at least 100+ police.

Red Warrior Camp (video length 0:07)

Video #23:

    Warriors face off with various law enforcement from 7 different states to protect Sacred Sites and Water from DAPL. 

Red Warrior Society (video length 5:51)

Video #24:

    Police are currently desecrating the burial grounds of Alma Parkin and Matilda Galpin, the indigenous women who once owned the Cannonball Ranch where Dakota Access is working day and night to finish their pipeline though they have no permit to cross the Missouri River. They have unleashed pepper spray and tear gas on water protectors standing in the river with their hands in the air. In the last shot, notice the small tree on the top of the hill where the armored vehicles are staged. This is the grave site. This is unacceptable.

Sacred Stone Camp (video length 1:14)

Video #25:

    Medic and Healer update, Noah.

Sacred Stone Camp (video length 0:50)

Video #26:

    Where is President Obama?

Rob Wilson, Sacred Stone Camp (video length 1:19)

Video #27:

    Water Protectors attacked Turtle Island

Thomas Hill Joseph II (video length 1:11)

Video #28:

    Police on Turtle Island

– Thomas Hill Joseph II (video length 0:59)

Video #29:

    Police Violently attack protesters at Standing Rock

The Young Turks (video length 9:25)

Video #30:

    Protectors BRUTALIZED By Cops In Standoff.

 – The Young Turks (video length 2:26)

Video #31:

    #NoDAPL Protesters tear gassed while standing peacefully in the water.

Wes Enzinna (video length 0:10)

Video #32:

     Near Oceti Sakowin camp

Indigenous Rising Media  – Sacred Stone Camp 2:18

Video #33:

    Action on the riverbank

Adam Alexander Johansson (video length 0:50)

Video #34:

    As DAPL reaches the Missouri river, Warriors and Water Protectors built a bridge so that they can block construction on the other side of the river. Cops attacked the people with rubber bullets and pepper spray but warriors bravely fought back and lived to fight another day.

SubMedia TV, West Coast Women Warriors Cooperative  (video length 0:59)

Video #35:

    Today’s action at the river – indiscriminate pepper spraying.

Tim Yakaitis (video length 1:09)

Video #36:

    Prayer walk to 1806 bridge starting out.

Cempoalli Twenny (video length 5:58)

Video #37:

    Turtle Island Videos

Mike Fasig (video length 1:05)

Video #38:

    The Hill

Mike Fasig (video length 1:32)

Video #39:


Mike Fasig (video length 0:33)

Video #40:

– Mike Fasig (video length 1:58)

Video #41:

Mike Fasig (video length 0:27)

Video #42:

     Far shore footage, nothing closeup

Doug GoodFeather aa(video length 2:21)


Video #43:


    Far shore, water protectors heading home.

 – Doug GoodFeather (video length 4:06)

Video #44:

    Testimony afterwards:  Reflection of day’s events. 100 officers in riot gear, over 20 snipers, bear pepper spray, I was hit 3 times in face with pepper spray. two were hit with rubber bullets, one in the head and one above kidney!!

Eric Poemoceah (video length 13:45)

Article With Embedded Video:




    Cold water protector in water.

Red Warrior Camp

Red Warrior Camp

     Five frontline photos

Conor Handley

     Today many of our protectors tried to cross the river to pray on top of a hill where Oceti Sakowin ancestors are buried.

Conor Handley

   Map delineating Burial Grounds

Myron Dewey posted an important map

    Pipeline a quarter mile from river! Obama: waiting weeks is unacceptable!!

Myron Dewey


People gassed while standing in the water

Curtis Yaz


   Cops on shore and boat.

Curtis Yaz


    Riot police injure over 100 people defending Standing Rock burial grounds.

– Sacred Stone Camp


    Row of cops and water protectors in the water

Tamara Pimentel


Photos & Videos with Broken Links That Need Recovered:

    50+ Law Enforcement at the sacred site on Army Core of Engineering. They destroyed a bridge we made for our elders to head over and pray on the land they are disturbing. Law enforcement broke the bridge and threatened to arrest anyone crossing the bridge

Atsa E’sha Hoverer (video length 0.51) 


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