viii. All Online Petitions

    Below we’re compiling all the petitions we can find involved with stopping Dakota Access Pipeline from being built.

Note:  The total number of signatures as of 11/9/16 was


Petition #1:

#1.) Petition by Zaysha Grinnell and the Modern Day Warriors from New Town, North Dakota to stop the construction of DAPL.  Addressed to President Obama, Army Corps of Engineers, Colonel John W. Henderson, & Jo-Ellen Darcy:

No Dakota Access Pipeline

Signatures on 11/9/16: 393,159
Signatures on 9/30/17: 561,780

Petition #2:

#2.) Petition by April Burch to stop the Bakken Pipeline to prevent 1 million+ gallons spill addressed to POTUS, Senators Joni Ernst & Chuck Grassley:

Dakota Access Bakken Pipeline will spill 1 million+ gallons of crude in its lifetime

Signatures on 11/9/16: 3,783
Signatures on 9/30/2017: 4,461

Petition Stop the Bakken Pipeline for Violation of Article 2 of the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty:

Bakken pipeline violates Standing Rock Sioux Treaty from 1868

Signatures on 11/9/2016: 3,783
Signatures on 9/30/17: 4,461

Petition #4:


Children from Standing Rock Sioux Tribe ask to Stop DAPL
more information from
Signatures: 393,162


Petition to Halt construction of DAPL addressed to President Obama & Army Corps of Engineers


Petition to Recognize the Ft. Laramie Treaty addressed to the Supreme Court


Petition to stop the DAPL addressed to the President and the EPA


Action to #BankExit DAPL Banks

Even More Petitions


Stop the DAPL addressed to POTUS
Signatures: 387,358


Signatures: 98,775


Signatures: 23,098


Stand In Solidarity Against DAPL
Signatures: 23,098


Stand In Solidarity Against DAPL
Please take action by Dec. 15, 2016


Stop the Toxic DAPL (Sierra Club)


Signatures: 2,179


Standing Rock Chairman asks Obama to Stop DAPL
Signatures: 371,862

Prosecute ND Governor For DAPL Violence:  Signatures: 8,700


CLOSED: Petition to Stop DAPL
Signatures: 378,090



Petition #1:

    Please send URL links to any petitions from anywhere on the internet in regards to stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline Project from being built (& endangering everyone downriver and endangering sacred & federally-protected burial sites) to [email protected], & include “#NoDAPL PETITION” as the subject line so that the petition can be embedded in this page!  Thanks for the help!!!  Urgent!!  Please help scour the internet!

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