10-21-2016: Touring Area Where Burial Site Desecrated on Sept. 3rd, Warning More Sites On Path to Be Desecrated, Prayer Walk to Fort Rice (NEEDS LABEL)

Video #1:

   Myron Dewey shows helicopter, area that was desecrated on September 3rd.

by Myron Dewey, Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 10:22):

Video #2:

   DAPL ready to desecrate the graves and SACRED SITES AGAIN.

by Jean Roach (video length 7:41):

Next Section: Prayer Walk 10 Miles north of Camp:

Video #3:

   New blockade met with love and prayer

by Thomas H. Joseph II  (video length 6:26):

Video #4:

       On the way to new blockade

by Thomas H. Joseph II  (video length 12:13):

Video #5:

   Prayer walk on new blockade and military camp 10 miles north of camp

by Thomas H. Joseph II  (video length 17:15):

Video #6:

 We call to the front lines!

by Didi Banerji (video length 27:51):

Video #7:

   Marching to the new blockade in Fort Rice.

by Chad Charlie  (video length 7:08):

Video #8:

   Live March to blockade – Second Video

by Chad Charlie  (video length 13:03):

Video #9:

    Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. and Tribal Council Speaker Joe Byrd and other tribal representatives met with Standing Rock Sioux Vice Chair Jesse McLaughlin and Tribal Councilors, as well as campsite leaders and water protectors to offer the Cherokee Nation’s full support.

Video #10:

   Before leaving Standing Rock, John Wathanconcerned about what is to come, requests prayers from people around the world.

by John Wathan   (video length :45):



   14 Photos of DAPL pushing on road 1806 

by Cempoallu Twenny:

In-Depth Written Report, Update:

   “BLACK SNAKE DESTRUCTION REPORT”: a synthesis of current and updated information obtained from DAPLs official status reports, and on the ground observations from vigilant water protectors on the frontline at Standing Rock. The post has a lot of summary information, or download the PDF for the entire document. 

by Red Warrior Camp reports:


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