1-28-2017 #N0DAPL Archive (needs content and labels)

1/28/17 Prayer songs along the base of Turtle Island; giving thanks for DAPL helping to bring us all together around the world! “Creator, look at me…. this day, have pity on us… ” – Janene Hampton 22:18


1/28/17 Oceti Sakowin Headsmen and ND gov meet; 1806 backwater bridge barricade will start to come down; equipment from SRST will start with cleanup monday – IRM


Repost: Local Leadership comes to decision, Oceti Sakowin Headsmen meet with ND Governor


1/28/17 As Trump Reboots Pipeline Expansion, An Unexpected Delay Emerges in the #FrackedGas Empire On Thursday, Norman Bay, one of just three current members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), said he would resign effective Feb. 3, even though his term isn’t up until next year. His announcement came shortly after Trump decided Bay’s fellow commissioner, Cheryl LaFleur, would serve as the Commission’s new chair.




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