10-22-2016: Lockdowns, Ceremonial Songs, Police Attack Water Protectors & Reports on “DAPL about to destroy more burial grounds” (NEEDS LABELS)

Morton County Sheriff Department’s Facebook post on 10-22-2016:

Link to post:https://www.facebook.com/MortonCountySD/posts/342015252817486

Section 1:

Hundreds of water protectors walking and praying 3 miles west of 1806 Hwy., 108 arrests

Video #1:

   Four people locked down, beautiful prayer and Native American Ceremonial song  

West Coast Women Warriors Media Cooperative  (video length 5:48, 4:28 am):

Video #2:

    More early morning lockdown footage and more Native American Ceremonial songs.

West Coast Women Warriors Media Cooperative  (video length 4:55):

Video #3:

 live video, before dawn

Red Warrior Camp  (video length 8:34):

Video #4:

   Police viciously attack peaceful protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline:  Excellent summary video of the arrests as the water protectors and journalists were surrounded by police out in the prairie.

The Intercept,   (video length 6:06):


Video #5:


Myron Dewey, Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 6:42, 8:05am):

Video #6:

    Myron Dewey reports:  a drive by the check point. heavily policed road. review of the day’s demonstration. a prayer circle and action where several macing and arrests took place. Sharing the live feed from his phone. Stops to connect with the Water Protectors along the road and tell them about the action and how the live feed is being jammed (blocked). There has been camp wide reports of data and service interference.

Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 3:09, 9:19am)

Video #7:

    LaDonna, and IIYC (Layha Spoonhunter)

Myron Dewey, Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 11:35, 8:39 am):

Video #8:

   From the Front Lines Today

– Nirvana Anulekha , Indigenous Life Movement  (video length 11:47):

Video #9:


Jean Roach (video length 4:43):


Video #10:

    DAPL ready to desecrate the graves and SACRED SITES AGAIN. COPS nearby in RIOT GEAR

Jean Roach (video length 7:46):


Video #11:


Wiyaka Eagleman, (video length 13:41):

Video #12:

   Berserk Police uncontrollably and indiscriminately mace peaceably assembled people. Young children and elders were present in this prayer group 

-Rob Wilson via Sacred Stone Camp (video length 0:45):


Video #13:

   Police violently attacking peaceful people who hold hands in the air.

– Angela Ohmer (video length 9:33):


Video #14:

Footage from a person who was tackled by the police on Saturday. Published 10/25/16.

– The Guardian (video length 0:47):


Video #15:

   “I was just chased up a hill by the tan Tank and 4 police cruisers! I barely made it to the group of Water Protectors! They chanted “Love will find a way” 

– Johnny Dangers (video length 0:14):


Video #16:

   Breaking News: Water Protectors march to the Black Snake to confront it with a fierce LOVE to protect the sacred sites and the water! 

– Johnny Dangers (video length 0:10):

Video #17:

   Arresting journalist Sara Lafleur-Vetter. Gun drawn at crowd.  Edit: They tackled and violently arrested journalist Sara Lafleur-Vetter  

– Johnny Dangers (video length 0:26):


Video #18:

   Unicorn Riot videos and article about today – Water Protectors’ Prayer walk end with over 80+ arrests

Unicorn Riot



Video #19:

   Youth call for help IIYC

– Tyisha Mitchell (video length 3:11):


Video #20:

   Police release more information about Saturday’s DAPL protest




Video #21:

   with KFYRTV article, and suggestion about arrests

Red Warrior Camp


Video #22:

Mass Arrest 140 Plus on 10/22/14. Published on 10/24/16.

Red Warrior Camp (video length 5:04):  


Video #23:

A short clip by Belly of the Beast Films. Media vs. Reality.  Footage of 10/22/16 and claims of “riot”. Published 10/24/16.

– Reed Lindsay – WOWT 6 News Omaha (video length 1:17)

Video #24:

North Dakota turns violent as Police arrest Water Protectors

– The Truth Denied (video length 9:43):

Video #25:

Testimony of what happened on 10/22/16. Filmed and posted 10/23/16.

Indigenous Life Movement (video length 30:32):


Video #26:

Water protectors linked arms, surrounded by police

Crystal Johnson  (video length 1:06):



Video #27:

Protectors heading to front lines

Eric Poemz (video length 0:41):

Video #28:

Over 300 peaceful protectors running to keep from getting arrested or hurt

Eric Poemz (video length :35):

Video #29:

Update. Police riot off 1806 Hwy, over 60 police vehicle, helicopter, plane, two assault vehicles, and 3 buses came upon peaceful protectors.

Eric Poemz (video length 7:40):

Video #30: 

Reflections of days events. Over 80 went to jail.

Eric Poemz (video length 6:09):


Video #31:

North Dakota police arrested more than 120 people over the weekend [10/22/16] at Native American oil pipeline protests, including film-makers and journalists, prompting accusations that law enforcement officials are stifling free speech and using excessive force against peaceful protesters.

The Guardian (video length 0:48)

Video #32:

Standing Rock: Police Arrest 120+ Water Protectors DemocracyNow.org – Amy Goodman

Red Warrior Camp (video length 28:25):



Video #33:


By The Intercept (video length 6:06)


Photos, articles, posts:

Photo #1:

Photos of police brutally attacking water protectors on desecrated sacred sites. Photo credit Rob Wilson.

Today police unleashed undue violence against the Water Protectors – many of whom were elders and children. Journalists covering and reporting on these events were targeted and arrested. Where is the mainstream media? Where is the accountability? Now is the time to show your support by being here!” 

– Sacred Stone Camp


Photo #2:

Photo of man maced twice

– Johnny Danger


Photo #3:

Photo of police surrounding people on a walk

– Lolly Bee

Photo #4:

7 photos from 10-22-16 album

West Coast Women Warriors by Rose Stiffarm


Photo #5:

7 more photos

West Coast Women Warriors 

Photo #6:

3 photos by Morton County, with message by RWC:

A message to Morton County Sheriffs Department: You are trespassing on Native Land. You are protecting the destruction of our sacred sites. Put down your guns, turn in your badges. Understand the indestructible spirit of indigenous people walking with prayers and sacrifice of our ancestors for sacred water. We will kill this Black Snake. With or without you.

Photo #7:

Adams Elfers and his guitar standing in front of a row of riot police

– Rob Wilson

 Photo #8:

 3 photos from Morton County Sheriff and comment: A message to Morton County Sheriffs Department: You are trespassing on Native Land. You are protecting the destruction of our sacred sites. Put down your guns, turn in your badges. Understand the indestructible spirit of indigenous people walking with prayers and sacrifice of our ancestors for sacred water. We will kill this Black Snake. With or without you.  

Red Warrior Camp 


Photo #9:

141 Water Protectors arrested as police escalate violent militarized response. Published on 10/23/16. 

Sacred Stone Camp w/article


UPDATE: Reports from Water Protectors protecting the sacred sites in a prayer walk. Estimated 30 out of the 200 protectors people arrested including members of the press.  Unprovoked mace attacks by the police.  Police pointed arms at the protectors (no shots fired so far, thankfully).  Posted on 10/22/16 at 11:33am on Sacred Stone Camp. 


Article #1 

Morton County Press Release on “Riot” arrests


Article #2

Details about a person, Chad Charlie, being taken down by the Riot officers. Occurred on 10/22/16, published on 10/25/16. 

– Chad Charlie, Oceti Sakowin 


Article #3

Statement from Chad Charlie on his attempts to use his humor to connect to arresting officers on 10/22/16. Published 10/25/16.

– Chad Charlie

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