The Aircraft That Haunted Standing Rock – Meet the Owners:

    Throughout the following photos of various aircraft which constantly flew overhead, day & night above Water Protector Camps, you’ll see a number that begins with the letter “N”.  This is known as an “N-Number”, which enables you to look up the particular owner & additional information about the aircraft using the FAA Registry’s search engine.  Well, we’ve already done that.  Click any of the following to view owner profiles & additional documentation:

     We’d like to offer our sincere gratitude to John Wathen, who worked months at the camps documenting, including the majority of the footage & photos found below.  

#1.) White Plane with Blue Decor, # N299SP – owned by ND State Highway Patrol, Burleigh County:

#2.) Helicopter, White & Dark Blue, #N283BH – Owned by ABC HELICOPTERS INC

#3.) Helicopter, Dark Blue & White, #N903SH – owned by SANFORD NORTH

#4.) Helicopter, Yellow & White with Red Stripe, # N10767– owned by KANSA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION INC



#5.) Helicopter, Yellow with 2 Swoops Decor, #N38HH –  owned by DOUBLE M HELICOPTERS INC

#6.) Helicopter, Yellow & White with Red Stripe, #N16757 – owned by JOHNSON ARNOLD JR


Documentation & Reports of Aircraft Spraying the Camps – click for footage


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