8-18-2016: Bismarck Action & Round Dance w/ Officers

Video #1:     

Traditional Round Dance happening as water protectors gathered in front of the State Capitol in Bismarck encompassing the entire intersection.  The camera shows what appears to be a State Highway Patrol Officer, a Bismarck Police Officer, & a State Highway Capitol Security Guard dancing with the Water Protectors.  There is singing, laughing, & a joke about the village people.  In front of the capitol stands a line of (presumably Bismarck) city police. A line of children dance holding letters that read “No Dakota Access Pipeline”.  The mood seems amicable as the protectors shake the hands of the Troopers before leaving the round dance ceremony.

alistua  (video length 4:32):


Video #2:

  In Bismarck – “We Are Unarmed”:   Water Protectors chanting “Honor the Treaty”, & to “Stand with our brothers and sisters” and “Stand for the water!”. Good size crowds on either side of the intersection outside the Bismarck State Capitol. An ululation (howling, cheering) goes out at the end.

Red Warrior Camp  (video length 0:58):


Video #3:

“Round dance in Intersection”:  The round dance circles the entire four way intersection in front of the state capitol while close around 50+ State and local police stand in front of the lawn watching with riot helmets on.  “No Dakota Access Pipeline” and “We are Unarmed” signs are carried as the drumming & singing of the men, women, & children (Water Protectors) continue.

Red Warrior Camp  (video length 1:02):

Video #4: 

Dallas Goldtooth explains dance: “For our Oceti Sakowin relatives who are taking a stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline, one thing we wanted to share… ..there we go… One thing we wanted to do is what we are doing here, this Round dance.  Its not just for show its an expression of kinship and friendship.  Dakota, Lakota, Nakota… that word means ally, and we are here expressing together our resistance against Dakota access pipeline, not as Lakota or as Wasichu or non native people but as human beings.  (Ululation is sent out) As I was saying; we all have a stake in this fight. We are here to protect the water, protect the air and protect the future generations of our children now and those yet to come. That’s why we are here, together, unified.”  Dallas continues with a moving speech talking about how this fight is based in love and peace. He calls everyone to dance, to share the space.  Dallas thanks allies and encourages push-backs against the untruths put out by the media.  A’Ho.

Red Warrior Camp  (video length 4:18):


Video #5:

Dancing together:  Round dance continues similar to video #1 with Dallas showing the trooper how to dance.  Same scene, different cameraperson.

Red Warrior Camp  (video length 0:48):


Video #6:

Youth Chanting in Bismarck:  Youth lead chanting from across the intersection facing the State Capitol and the line of police. “We can’t drink oil, keep it in the soil” “Mni wiconi, water is life- hey hey ho ho”, Dakota Access has to go” “we stand with our brother and we stand with our sisters, we stand for our people.”

Josue Rivas  (video length 7:14):

Video #7:

More Chants and peaceful demonstration in Bismarck:  Cars honking in solidarity with protesters as the youth lead the chanting.  The camera is walking through the crowd showing the men, women and children gathered in front of the State Capitol and the long line of police behind them.

Josue Rivas  (video length 11:53):


Photo #1:

Photo at demonstration in Bismarck.

Josue Rivas 


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