8-15-2016: Call to Block Pipeline, Arrests, Horseback Riders Join the Frontlines

Video #1:

Water Protectors gather in high spirits, riding on horses, chanting, singing, drumming, and praying. Regardless of the high intensity, Protectors manage to maintain distance and safety to avoid any police brutality in retaliation.

Crypto Arts (video length 5:35):


Video #2:

Water Protectors ride in on Spirit Horses, bringing high emotion with them. The Water Protectors on foot chant, sing, and give their most fiercest warrior cries.

Наталья Аглицкая (video length 3:38):



Video #3:

Waniya Locke documents the first arrests. Morton County Police are witnessed by many and caught on camera breaking first ammendment rights of the Water Protectors.

Waniya Locke (video length 2:25):



Video #4:

Waniya Locke: “Defending through Prayer” (NO AUDIO)

Waniya Locke (video length 5:59):



Video #5:

Waniya Locke: “Defending through Prayer” (NO AUDIO)

Waniya Locke (video length 1:14):



Video #6:

Waniya Locke updates on the changes since the first arrests. Morton County Police removed personal property and replaced flags with new barricades to keep the Water Protectors out of the area they wish to peacefully assemble in. A larger security force is seen. Morton County blocked off Highway 1806, which caused residents of Bismarck to come join the Water Protectors of the Standing Rock Reservation. As she continues to speak, Morton County Police corral Waniya and the other Water Protectors as an attempt to intimidate them. 

-Waniya Locke (video length 9:52):


Video #7:

Waniya documents the new cement barricades as Water Protectors chant our mantras of solidarity. The unity is apparent in their cries and cheers. Morton County blocks the northside of the highway to stop the residents of Bismarck from joining in the Prayer ceremony.

Waniya Locke (video length 1:38):


Video #8:

Lakota elders lead Water Protectors to join in unity and solidarity as they drum and sing a prayer song, singing their praises of “Mni Wiconi”.

Waniya Locke (video length 2:55):



Video #9:

Water Protectors chant to the DAPL construction workers as they construct on the  burial grounds, imploring them to respect the treaties. Morton County stands by and protects Dakota Access as they commit this heinous crime.

Waniya Locke (video length 3:52):



Video #10:

The Spirit Horse Riders join the Water Protectors on the frontlines. Waniya recounts her eyewitness account of the unlawful arrest of two of the riders. She continues to display the barricades that block the Protectors’ right to peacefully assemble. She tells of the helicopters and planes that survey, the LRAD (long range acoustic device) technology, and beautiful drum circles she has experienced. As she speaks, you can hear and see the construction equipment moving the Lakotas’ sacred land.

-Waniya Locke (video length 5:14):



Video #11:

Waniya takes note of all the different Native Tribes that have united for the first time in history in solidarity for this movement. “We are standing for the 10 million people that drink from this river.”

Waniya Locke (video length 2:58):



Video #12:

The horse riders join the frontlines again, sparking high emotion in the Water Protectors. Drummers sing a prayer song in the background. The Protectors work hard to protect each other from the unpredictable, and sometimes violent, police force.

Waniya Locke (video length 5:07)



Video #13:

Waniya speaks on the beginning of Oceti Sakowin Camp and her feelings of excitement towards more unity.

Waniya Locke (video length 0:29)



Video #14: 

Waniya Locke begins with a Prayer in her Native tongue. She retells her early experiences at camp as her time at Sacred Stone Camp has come to a close, as she decides to go back home to teach.

Waniya Locke (video length 7:26):



Video #15: 

 Water Protectors gather in prayer, song, and dance, in Ceremony. The narrator of the video is amazed to see such unity and solidarity for the cause.

Jami Gaither (video length 2:13):



Twenty-three photos.

 (published 8/16/16):  

 – M. BlueArm


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