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Video #1

Chris Turley walked 250 miles from Oklahoma to stand with the vets & received a welcome of many hugs.

    “We swore to defend and protect this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic ” – Chris Turley

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Bucky Harjo, Facebook – 3:18


Video #2

Chris Turley walked 250 miles from Oklahoma to make it to join with the vets.

    Interview with Chris Turley – some wind interference.

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Uprising TV, YouTube – 8:06


& the same video here – Indigenous Rising Media, Facebook – 8:07 


Video #3

From “on the Bridge – Veteran Chris Turley has arived in camp “

    Nighttime footage with lights making it hard to see at times! Some drumming & cheering. Commentary by Chris Turley spoken over loud hailer police or security requests to leave the bridge, making it hard to hear either.  

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Chris Turley, Facebook – 4:23


Video #4

Peaceful VETS protecting the peaceful prayerful Water Protectors. Being present on the bridge is being seen by the police, as an act of aggression. Nighttime footage with police announcements & Mark’s commentary. (see also Video #9)

    On the Bridge – “crazy response from police about protective gear being not peaceful” & about being the bridge be unlawful, & about the bridge being unsafe, even though there are many police / security personnel actually on it. Last 5 minutes – no sound.

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Mark Sanderson, Facebook – 19:05

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Video #5

Silent Drone flyover of camp in snowy conditions

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Myron Dewey, Facebook – 2:03


Video #6

Silent Drone flyover of snow covered drill pad & area around Turtle Island.

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Myron Dewey, Facebook 3:51


Video #7

Snowy scenes at NODAPL DRILL site 

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Myron Dewey, Facebook – 1:18



Video #8

Water protectors cutting razor wire in the snow around Turtle Island; sound = mainly the wind!

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Evan K. Duke III, Facebook – 5:05



Video #9

“Sherrifs deputies threatening force against a completely peaceful group of indigenous people gathered at the barricade for protest and prayer.”

    Same time & place as Video #4 – but closer to the action. 

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 Luke Morrisey, Facebook – 1:08


Article #1

“Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II today issued a proclamatino in support of water protectors who face continued civil rights abuses and excessive use of force by law enforcement.”

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Sacred Stone Camp Blog



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