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Video #1

3+ hours live feed video from around  Bismarck, including outside the Courthouse.

    Demonstration at Bismarck Courthouse, & other places in Bismarck, with prayers, speeches, chanting, drumming & about 40 minutes in, mild confrontation with Fox News reporter; later a long interview with a local farmer’s daughter. Around 2.23. Pro DAPL ? white local in confrontation with police officers 3.03+ & police with one of ‘our’ photographers – Cody. 3.05 – re 3.03 clip – commentator: “If this guy was red, black, brown or whatever, he would have been shot by now, but he’s a white guy…” 3.04

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Indigenous Rising Media, Facebook – 3:09:37


Video #2

Peaceful demonstration outside Bismarck Courthouse, & other places in Bismarck,

    Bismarck demo; filming as people peacefully take to the streets & police in riot gear appear …

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Thomas H. Joseph 2, Facebook – 23:30


Video #3

More of the demonstration outside Bismarck Courthouse, & other places in Bismarck.

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Thomas H. Joseph 2, Facebook – 7:25


Video #4

Young people and elders lead prayer at federal building. Bismarck, North Dakota.

    Footage with prayers, speeches, chanting, drumming.

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Thomas H. Joseph 2, Facebook – 21:43


Video #5

“Family locked down inside federal building -“

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Thomas H. Joseph 2, Facebook – 16:21


Video #6

“Kinsinta Joseph speaks about prophecy in Bismarck rally” –

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Thomas H. Joseph 2, Facebook – 2:48


Video #7

“Bismarck demonstration: march back to state capitol -“

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Johnny Dangers, Facebook – 10:23


Video #8

“Bismarck demonstration: faceoff with riot police -“

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Johnny Dangers, Facebook – 18:12


Video #9

Bismarck march in 6 parts – Part 1, earlier on November 14th

    People gathering on public land, with commentary

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Rod Webber, Facebook – 3:09


Video #10

Bismarck march in 6 parts – Part 2

    People moving forward chanting, approaching Bismarck? with some commentary

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Rod Webber, Facebook – 8:02


Video #11

Bismarck march in 6 parts – Part 3

    Further into Bismarck, the police are now attempting to block the march, with their cars across various streets; around 5 mins – asking a few men in High Vis gear if they are DAPL …

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Rod Webber, Facebook – 7:25


Video #12

Bismarck march in 6 parts, Part 4

    Brief footage of the police

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Rod Webber, Facebook – 0:50


Video #13

Bismarck march in 6 parts, Part 5

    Extensive footage of the marchers, press &  police, who are seen with teargas from around 4 minutes; “Newly deputized guys in jeans…. (paid thugs),”

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Rod Webber, Facebook – 10:29


Video #14

Bismarck march in 6 parts – Part 6

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Rod Webber, Facebook – 2:43


Video #15

March on capitol building, extensive footage of the demo

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Johnny Dangers, Facebook – 1:10:46


Video #16

“Stand up fight back” March in Bismarck, from in front of the marchers, some of Riot police &  most of the footage is sideways on!

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Evan K. Duke III, Facebook – 3:41


Video #17

March again, short clip, on repeat!

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Evan K. Duke III, Facebook – 0:23


Video #18

Marchers walking past the photographer, then footage following them & panning around.

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Evan K. Duke III 5:28


Video #19

March in Bismarck – “Lots of cops”  

    Footage around then outside the courtroom with the marchers in the distance, with commentary, 14.20 footage of an airplane flying low over the march. 17.15 police announcement that the protest is unlawful … 18.04 helicopter above marchers. Maya mentions the  ‘animal control vehicles’ at the beginning & the end of the video.

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Maya Rose Berko, Facebook – 40:25


Video #20

Bismarck Rally

    People assembling, some speakers, some chanting & lots of milling around, then setting off together with banners in the front.

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Chas Jewett, Facebook – 15:18


Video #21

“DAPL Site on Highway 6, Water Protectors arrived at DAPL construction site this morning”

    With commentary & some interviews; 5 mins in – Vehicle seen driving fast towards people walking.  helicopter in the sky at 13.15 – 14.55? & 17.20 + later as well, 22? , “N16757” Helicopter number is read out. About 42 Water Protectors & media people there –

subcategory –

Indigenous Rising Media, Facebook – 27:05


​Video #22

“Checking to see if the (Highway) 1806 from Bismarck is open. It is not open yet due to Water Protectors praying.”

    Through the windscreen driving footage with praying / singing, 3.45 car stops,

subcategory –

Myron Dewey, Facebook – 11:43



Video #23

“Peaceful Water protectors on construction site – part 1 “

   Then at 3.20 water protectors have to scatter as  ” … a truck tries to run them down. (verbal confrontation – 5.15 on – ) DAPL workers say, “you people are scum.” “

subcategory –

Rod Webber, Facebook – 9:34


Video #24

“Peaceful Water protectors are confronted with baseball bats and large monkey wrenches – part 2 “

     Helicopter circles in sky from 1.03  all the way through, sometimes very low & loud; DAPL security say ” you’re all going to get arrested.” 8.20 the line of water protectors turn around & start walking away 10.11 “When questioned about their employee who fired off a gun the other day, they replied “get out of here” & “we don’t care about you people, we don’t care what the world thinks” ” verbal account not exactly accurate! Rod Webber says “It seems to me, they have potentially incriminated themselves” We hear that the Police are just arriving at the end of the video.

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Rod Webber, Facebook – 16:58


Video #25

“Updates: Army Corp, investigation, additional analysis needed, Importance of Lake Oahe -“

    Video is all Eric’s Commentary: “Army Corp has completed its investigation and determined additional Analysis need to be Warranted in the Case of Standing Rocks Lands as well Importance of Lake Oahe to the Tribe. The Dakota Access is being Stalled for now while more discussion is being had with Sioux Tribe!! It’s not stopped, but way closer to being stopped. Water IS Life!”

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Eric Poemoceah, Facebook –  13:39



Article #1

“#NoDAPL Water Protectors March on ND State Capitol after Caravan Disrupts Construction – “

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Unicorn Riot blog post with photos


Article #2

US Army Corps of Engineers report by Army and DOI

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Creating Clarity from Chaos