1-24-2017 #N0DAPL Archive (needs more content and labels)

1/24/17 (pub. 1/26/17) Testimony of water protector beat up and arrested while out by turtle island just for being out there. – Steven Jeffrey Chrisjohn 4:21



1/24/17 (pub. 1/25/17) Story about person beat up and arrested (post) – Julie Kurylowicz


1/24/17 Agent Orange signs executive order to proceed with DAPL (Sorry, this archivist does not consider him having respectable authority in our government, that’s all I will call him; my apologies if this offends you)

1/23/17 White House Propaganda Officer of Alternative Facts Sean Spicer states that proceeding with DAPL is a priority for Agent Orange.

1/24/17 President Trumps signs executive actions on Keystone and Dakota Pipelines – C-SPAN 5:17



ABC news 1:31



1/21/17 Previous sentiment in camp – reflections and the heart to Stand – OSC



1/24/17 From the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe: “Today, Trump announced an executive order on DAPL; it not only violates the law, but it violates tribal treaties. Nothing will deter us from our fight for clean water. We will be taking legal action, and will take this fight head on. We urge you to fight and stand tall besides us. The EIS statement is still in process, so please submit your comments to the link below. This helps us compound our claim that the pipeline poses grave environmental risks. Please also call your congressional representatives and let them know that the people do not stand behind today’s decision. Stand together as one and we will not fall.




1/24/17 Cheyenne RIver Sioux Tribe’s official response letter: – Harold Frazier – OSC



1/24/17 Chase Iron Eyes live on CBS About Trump approving Dakota Access & Keystone XL pipelines – Chase IronEyes (via uprising tv) LPLP 15:45



1/24/17 We Stand for the Water – Call to join the stand at Sacred Stone Camp – LaDonna BraveBull – TamakaWasteWin – Allard 4:14



1/24/17 Thoughtful: KXL and DAPL Executive Orders: don’t be fooled into desperation – Lyla June 9:51



1/24/17 It’s up to us! And, call for healing between SRST and Water Protectors – Dallas Goldtooth 16:04



1/24/17 You came to Standing Rock.. we asked you to raise the cry of Mni Wiconi in your homelands. When we took down the Oceti Sakowin fire we told you the fire was now in your heart and to take that fire within you home. We are asking you now to light that fire. We trained thousands of you in NVDA. Use that training now. #MNIWICONI #NODAPL#NOKXL – Joye Braun (photo)



1/24/17 Kandi Mosset responds – people-power has won, and will win again – Fusion 0:53



1/24/17 The callout: Uphold dignified rage, be respectful, and have self-control – Be self-sufficient, emotionally stable, have good communication skills – Waniya Locke 7:58



1/24/17 Next steps for SR – Check yourself; follow protocol – be support, nothing less – Josue Rivas



1/24/17 Prolific TheRapper’s response (update) 4:42



1/24/16 Live in NYC – Josh Fox and Jane Fonda – Josh Fox 41:27



– Same NYC rally – defund dapl’s video



1/24/16 Water Protector rally at the White House – Ed Higgins 41:28


Fusion: 54:01



1/24/17 LA Federal Building – Cempoalli Twenny 55:53



1/24/17 – March and Rally Los Angeles 1:36:34



1/24/17 Rally in Seattle – LRI 18:25



1/24/17 Jenni Monet on CBS 3:01



1/24/17 Morton County’s response



NEW 1/24/17 Camp Update – Women’s Indigenous Media 22:42


1/24/17 Yellowbird helicopter close to camp – Timothy Cominghay 0:13



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