2-27-2017: Final Notice of Trespass Issued to Sacred Stone, Road Block aided by Morton County, “Unlawful Eviction” explained by Cheryl Angel

Final Notice of Trespass Issued to Sacred Stone Camp:

    On this date, a  FINAL NOTICE OF TRESPASS was given to all Water Protectors entering or exiting the BIA checkpoint outside Sacred Stone.

Download the PDF:   


Video #1:

Digital Smoke Signals:  “Sacred Stones Road block now aided with Morton County Sheriff’s Department?

Video #2:
     Cheryl Angel provides details regarding Sacred Stone Camps trespass notice details.  “Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is not as supportive as they were in the past.”  She discusses the content of the previous NOTICE OF TRESPASS issued on 2-16-2017 and states that the tribe has evidence that the land where Sacred Stone Camp is located is owned by the Brave Bull family & that the evacuation is illegal.  She calls on the tribe to rescind their notice.
(video length 10:12)


Brandon Green‘s Facebook post: “Staying at camp until the last person is out and safe. The Rise of the 7th Gen. Don’t forget the name. We are just only beginning.



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