9-22-2016: Myers’ Land sold to Energy Transfer Partners (VIDEOS NOT WORKING)

Video #1:
Prayer and March
by Dr0ne2bwild  (video length 1:11)

Description:  Drone fly over of people walking down a road.


Video #2:
DAPL site and Sara Long’s arrest
by Sara Long  (video length 18:15)

Description:  Sara Long goes to pipeline site 118 to investigate status of pipe laying;  pauses to point out coming of autumn;  hears workers talking;  visual of pipes and workers on site (12:59);  15 miles from site of dog attacks and pepper spray;  stopped by barbed wire fence;  “Greed ruins everything for sure.” (9:52);  conversation about trespassing and property line with anonymous people  (8:46);  state trooper arrives (2:53);  You are under arrest for criminal trespassing.” (0:11)


Video #3:
Travis Harden sings AIM song
byTravis Harden  (video length 2:49)

Description:  Travis Harden sings American Indian Movement song while people walk down a road.


Article #1:
Indian Country Today:  Sacred Burial Ground Sold to Dakota Access

Description: Cannonball Ranch, sold to Dakota Access LLC, has hundreds of burials and artifacts on site.  More than 1,200 archaeologists and museums ask for complete survey of environment and culture.


Article #2:

MyNDNow:Cannonball Ranch sold to Dakota Access LLC

Description: David Meyer sold his Cannonball Ranch property due to liability concerns.


Article #3:  

NBCNews:  Dakota Pipeline Company Buys Ranch Near Sioux Protest Site, Records Show
by Daniel A. Medina

Description: Energy Transfer Partners purchase private Cannonball Ranch;  price of purchase not stated in deed.


Article #4: 

Bismark Tribune:  “Attorney says DAPL land purchase violates anti-corporate farming law
by Lauren Donovan

Description: Former head of the Agriculture Department, Sarah Vogel said “the ownership of 6,000 acres falls far beyond the scope of a narrow path for a pipeline to which it already has access.”


Quote #1:  

“My heart is heavy I learned of the sell of Cannon Ball ranch I ask everyone to stand strong and be brave.” LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard



9/23/16:  Waste Win Young – Backstory on Meyers land sale



9/18/16:  “We March in solidarity to honor prayer to our desecrated sacred burial sites that DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE HAD DESTROYED A FEW WEEKS BACK WHEN THEY HAD PULLED THE DOGS OUT!!”




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