10-10-2016: False Reports of “Rioting” used to describe Ceremony & Dance

     “This was NOT a Riot” micro-documentary by John Wathen:  Shows footage before, during, and after a confrontation between water protectors & officers.  Wathen calmly reveals how prayer ceremonies & traditional dancing (by visitors from Argentina, in this video) are being falsely reported as “riots” by law enforcement officials.  Argentina sharing prayers, & dance.  Referring to the dancers from Argentina, the narrator states, “You can hardly call this a riot.”  Footage of the arrival of riot police soon follows.  The narrator explains the weapons (some deadly) that they were carrying, & comments on the irony of a female elder being arrested while wielding nothing but a sacred pipe.  The film concludes with a short written explanation of the events. 

John Wathen  (video length 5:27):


Creating Clarity from Chaos