12-1-2016 2 drone views of Ft. Yates, a few minutes of DAPL Lights, Arrival of Canoes from Washington State

Video #1
Several Minutes of DAPL lights
by Johnny Dangers (video length 5:21)

Description:  Watch the spotlights and listen to the work trucks

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Video #2
Drone footage over Fort Yates
By Myron Dewey (video length 6:31)

Description:  Evening drone footage over SRST water tower and Ft. Yates, ND

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Video #3
Colville Confederated Tribe Canoes Arrive
Andrew Kimmel (video length 1:30:04)

Description:  Canoe families from Washington travel 8 days from Missouri headwaters, through ice, to stand with Standing Rock. Many traditional songs and interviews prior to canoes arriving at 1:18:00.

Categories:  Demonstrations & Ceremonies 


    Video #4
Colville Tribe Canoes Arrive
by Native Lives Matter (video length 1:31)

Description:  The moment 2 Colville Confederated Tribes canoes arrived having paddled over 8 days from the headwaters of the Missouri River.

Categories:  Demonstrations & Ceremonies 


Video #5
Arrival of Colville Confederated Tribe Canoes

by Angie Spencer (video length 17:39)

Description:  Arrival of Colville Confederated Tribe canoes ending an 8 day trip from the headwaters of the Missouri river. Post arrival discussion by Angie Spencer of the nature of community at Standing Rock and her opinion that all areas of the country have their own tribes deserving of recognition and an end of colonization.

Categories: Demonstrations & Ceremonies


Video #6
Drone footage over Standing Rock
by  Myron Dewey (video length 5:35)

Description:  Drone footage of the exterior of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe administrative building and Fort Yates, ND.

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Video #7
Arrival of cedar dugout canoes from Washington

Description: Kalispel and Nespelem tribal canoes arriving after paddling from the source of the Missouri river.

Categories:  Demonstrations & Ceremonies


Video #8
Interview with Colville Canoe paddler Patty Porter” 

By Heart of Standing Rock (Video length 36:01)

Description:  Interview by Toni Cervantes. Colville Confederated Tribe member Patty Porter talks about her canoe trips into Oceti Sakowin Camp in September and December.

Categories: Demonstrations & Ceremonies


Article with Photos/Videos
Colville Canoes Arrive at Oceti Sakowin

By Kelly Daniels (38 Photos, 17 videos)

      Description: Twelve Confederated Tribes of the Colville Nation Canoe into Standing Rock.  

Categories:  Demonstrations & Ceremonies


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