9-14-2016: Three Locked to Equipment, Unicorn Riot Arrested

Video #1:

   Good words from locked-down warriors who are standing up for our rights.   Video taken on Highway North 94 between exit 117 and 123 alongside the DAPL easement.  One native male is locked down to bulldozer talking about rights & how the pipeline violates treaties.  He is “praying with his ancestors”. The camera man walks around showing a black (security?) truck, and one additional native male and also a female locked down to other bulldozers.  Everything appears peaceful.

(video length 3:40)

Video #2:

    Water Protectors Arrested by Militarized Police: “We are Protecters- not “protesters”, says the native women while being arrested.  Helicopter circles.  The Protecters and DAPL workers have pleasant verbal exchange. Approximately five Protecters  walk toward the semi, which is driving in reverse, and then vacates the area.  A barricade is built with tires and rope.  Line of police show up, including snipers on a ledge. “Work has been stopped for over an hour!”  Members of the press are then arrested for alleged criminal trespass while on the public road filming.  The press member, white male, says “You’re arresting press.  Here’s my press pass.”  At least 3 persons are arrested.

Unicorn Riot (video length 3:30):

Video #3:

    Length of fresh pipe and info on ETP.  Time lapse of pipeline growing, while talking about the “NoDAPL” movement.  Partly shows the male and female native people who were arrested in Video #2, & also people around a bulldozer.

Unicorn Riot (video length 1:25):

Video #4:

    Shows a native man signing & drumming what appears to be a traditional song while sitting near a bulldozer, but not blocking its path.  At least 4 police surround him & let him sing while  2 people are locked down, and 1 more is shown further down the way.”  2 police, one shown directly and the other shown indirectly, walk up from down the hill & confront the press.  Video then ends.

(video length 1:26):

Video #5:

    Earth moving equipment continually working.  Bulldozer operates while cameraman is on paved public road.  Short discussion about how DAPL is “still working during a no construction order”.

(video length 0:18):

Video #6:

    “Mass arrests at Dakota Access Pipeline Standing Rock Area.”   Video shows a Parole Officer, Sheriffs, & private security with a white bus giving a “notice of trespass”. Arrestees are put into a red van.  Construction hasn’t stopped when it has been court ordered too.  1st (parking lot) police line has grenade launchers in the back to protect a gravel work road.  A native man who has been arrested, while being walked to the police van, states: “Police pointed live automatic weapons at us unarmed water protecters.”   Helicopters flying around in circular patterns.  Police with automatic live weapons are shown on the side of the main police line.  Shows police pointing out & targeting which press to arrest while they are just filming on the public road, outside the “Notice of Trespass” area.  Roads are blocked, preventing press & water protectors from being able to vacate the area.

(video length 14:51):

Video #7:

     Unicorn Riot arrested for trespassing.  Shows the officer who gave the the orders for the press to be arrested.

xBlackxOpsxSecretsx (video length 0:41):

Video #8:

    How the day started – bravely stopping moving equipment!  Water protectors carry out prayerful lockdown.  

(video length 6:56):

News Articles:

Article #1:

    Officers made a traffic stop on County Road 86 near construction cite.  The driver was arrested for conspiracy to commit obstruction of a government function.  Officers say they witnessed the driver transporting protesters. During an inventory search of the vehicle, officers found paint and mechanisms protesters are using to attach themselves to construction equipment.  Authorities have impounded the van.
    Law enforcement also arrested two men after they were connected to trespassing on another construction site.  They were found walking in the area.  They were both arrested for conspiracy to commit reckless endangerment, conspiracy to commit obstruction of a government function, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.  One was arrested for criminal facilitation.  The other person was arrested for conspiracy to commit criminal facilitation and both were arrested for criminal trespass.
    “The Morton County States Attorney’s office will pursue felony charges against the protesters who attached themselves to equipment due to the seriousness of the crime. Law enforcement officers are put in a dangerous situation when freeing these individuals, there is also a danger posed to DAPL, their workers and equipment along with the protester putting themselves also in a dangerous circumstance. We continue to encourage people to protest in peaceful and lawful manners,” said Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier.

Link to Article:  www.kfyrtv.com/content/news/Felony-charges-being-pursued-related-to-Dakota-Access-Pipeline-protests-393468761.html

Article #2:

    Back-to-back lockdowns, and arraignments

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