10-12-2016: Digital Smoke Signals Speaks Concerns to BIA Agent in Regards to the Importance of The People- of Tribal People- Learning the Law

Video #1:

“BIA Update – Live FB Stream” 


    “After the last week- what has been happening to our Indian people and non-native— it’s like a breath of fresh air. When we get to the rez it’s like a safe zone. Not often do we say on the reservation that we’re happy with police officers.”

by Myron Dewey

    Dewey pulls over to talk to a Standing Rock BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) officer, & tells him that many of the other non-BIA officers follow them when they’re driving off the reservation, & that most don’t wear badges.  Dewey explains that they are journalists documenting the lawlessness here, & the fact that there’s no communication between law enforcement agencies

    Dewey asks the BIA officer: “What’s the protocol when an officer from another agency comes onto the reservation?”  This BIA officer couldn’t answer that, except to say that he can only work within his own jurisdiction.

    Dewey continues:  “It’s not okay when [law officers] break the boundaries of the law which were clearly on the reservation. Know your law, know your  rights: know your first and fourth ammendments.  They can’t come into your property or vehicle without a warrant – they can’t bully their way. For the Indian people it’s double: we have to know federal law, state law… cultural protocol; man it’s hard to be indigenous! But we do it because we have to do it; we have to do it to preserve our culture and take that medicine on to the next generation.”

by Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals

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Video #2:

“The New DAPL Security – Live FB Stream”

    “We’ve been hearing calls all day long about people getting pulled over by the police. This is real: Mississippi in the North Dakota, 2016.”  They drive the speed limit, making observations on how every other car on the road seems to be a police car, and how quickly work on the pipeline is continuing: “Morton County is the new DAPL Security.”

by Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals

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